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Wounds from a bolt thrower on multible wounds models


Grave Guard
Mar 17, 2011
Hello all,

Last night we found ourself in a new situation that we did not know how to handle.

I had 2 ranks of 4 Crypt Horrors. One model already had 2 wounds, I put the wounds on the models that was standing on the right.
A bolt thrower shoots my Horrors in the left flank and kills one models and puts 1 wound on the next horror.
Because the bolt hits the left flank do I take the models from the left flank or do I have 2 models dead in total?


Crypt Horror
May 6, 2014
Wounds sitting on a unit are considered to be on whichever model is dying next. You cant have more then one wounded model in a unit.
Feb 3, 2014
It is worth noting that multi wounds do carry over onto the unit up to a maximum of 3, so if the bolt thrower did 3 wounds on the first rank hit, the unit takes 3 wounds, so even if the unit had already suffered 2 wounds, 1 wound would kill the first model hit but 3 woulds would be removed from the unit. Meaning the second rank would still only require 1 would to remove the second crypt horror.
Apr 21, 2012
The best way to think of it is that outstanding wounds on a multi wound unit aren't assigned to any particular model. When the unit takes more wounds you simply apply them, and remove models as necessary.

For hits that inflict multiple wounds into a multiple wound unit (Monstrous Infantry with 3 wounds per model, for example) the wounds inflicted by an individual hit cap at the max wounds of a single model.

Some Examples:

Bolt Thrower ( x D3 wounds, penetrating) into Ogres (3 wounds each)
First hit inflicts 3 wounds (kills an ogre) then penetrates and does 2 wounds against the next rank. Since that didn't kill a model, penetration ends and the unit has 2 outstanding wounds.

Then a cannonball bounces through, hitting 3 models ( x D6 wounds):
First hit wounds and multiplies to 5 wounds. that caps at 3 wounds, and kills a full model. In the next rank the hit inflicts 4 wounds, capping at 3 and killing another model. The final rank receives 2 wounds from the cannonball. One of the outstanding wounds adds up to 3, so another ogre is dead, and there's still 1 outstanding wound on the unit.

If there's any question as to when and how the outstanding wounds are applied (like why doesn't the first cannonball hit "top off" the outstanding wounds to 3 and kill a model, then the next hit (4 wounds, caps at 3) kills another, and the last hit does 2 wounds, so the model survives?), The rulebook says to "Add up all the wounds caused on the unit and then remove the appropriate number of models, noting any outstanding wounds." So like, Owain says, you add up all the wounds inflicted and remove whole models.

The first cannonball's wounds were enough to kill a full model, so it does the full 3 and the bounce continues. If the first hit only did 1 or 2 wounds, then the spare wounds would come into play and result in a kill, allowing the bounce to continue.
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