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Yourself! On a picture...

Master Vampire

Master Necromancer
True Blood
So it was about time we'd have a serious picture thread started on here. :D

I'll have to dig one up myself then, and I found it! A bit out of date, being from last Christmas. But I have to visit the barber, to get my hair done. So I'll post up an update later on.

Here goes. Hehe, the cat watches in awe.
Ok, here's myself with the lovely Ms Neko Case (who I have raved on about at the keep for god knows how long), taken after one of her gigs in feb of this year.. in the pic I'm having to seriously squat down so the both of us would be in the pic..


Master Vampire

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Most piccies I've seen a bit on the old forum, though darknesseternal is new. I surely wouldn't have guessed it was you in real life, if I had to pick. :tongue: You look so different than I would have guessed. Not meant in a bad way though. ;)

Good work posting up pics. Come on girls and lads, post up pics if you haven't done already!


While I would jump right in the only picture I have at the moment is a topless torso and ab shot, so its a no go at the moment.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
i also am cameraphobic(at least at cameras pointing any where near my direction if im holding them and they are pointing the other way thats good)


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
As soon as I get the pimped out cellphone camera thingy working I will post one up as well... hell, my pics are starting to get outdated, by years and years.
Let´s just say I dropped the hat-look many years ago, a silly phase it was.

And nice pics all and... It´s the pixelvampire!