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Zacharias the Everliving

Lord Fear

Master Vampire
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
So anyone actually used this guy ever?

He seems like a classic special character- strong, but way overpriced. A standard tooled-up Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon would cost 750 points, this guy is another 250 points on top (Okay he's got a fair amount of decent kit and upgrades), and you can't even add a Book of Arkhan-wielding Necromancer/ Thrall to the list! Not that you'd want to, as you'd not have many points left to spend on other toys!

I may end up using him for a laugh in a couple of games when my Zombie Dragon is ready, what's peoples' experiences of him?
Dec 10, 2007
Oh Zack....interesting one this.

In 2000 points I wouldn't dream of using him. Far too easy to pick off and thats half your army gone. I used him once against a Kroak Lizardman list and was slaughtered.

Then the second time was 3000, again against Kroak and a Sarus Lord choice thing on a Carnosaur. Again, I bit the dust.

The remaining 4 games I've played with him I have slaughtered every time. He is a very powerful character in a 3K game - I just learnt not to use him against Kroak!!!

(ok, I've learnt never ever to play Kroak ever again. He's just plain mean. I've seen him beaten once by....another Lizardman player who took a 2nd Gen with Pit of Shades...nuff said)

Having said that, against Kroak, you get a tooled up BD Count into him with a Great Weapon and you'll hurt him, possibly even kill him.

Sorry, slight diversion - in summery yes, use Zack in a 3K game, but nothing lower.

Jan 4, 2008
yeah i used him in a 2250 game and i had a lot of fun with him i was facing my girlfriend's dad's dogs of war and i think that when the game was over i had him and my black knights left on the table. he's a lot of fun to play with but if he dies you may as well call the game. i think youd win most of the time or at least get a draw just as long as he doesnt die. i really like the magic items and powers he has. all of the bloodline powers is awesome and he knows all six spells and bound spell dark hand of death. you have a lot of choices of what to cast spell wise but as opposed to taking a nech count and 2 or 3 necromancers your power dice will kind of limit your casting. and you dont get a lot of dispel dice but you have unlimited dispel scrolls. i think he's worth the points and is fun to play with but if he dies you're done. but killing him is pretty hard sice the zombie dragon makes enemies -1 to hit and hes weapon skill 6 and toughness 5. at least thats been my experience but ive only used him against dogs of war and dark elves.

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
He is quite a "supa" powerful mage who can still bring the hurt in combat, against regular infantry anyway... But, 1015 pts? I've thought of fielding him in 2000 pts as all my characters and nothing else but zombies, then have him raise MORE zombies!!
It would be fun, but a sure loss of a battle before you even started it... pity.
He costs way too much though.

Skaramak von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 13, 2007
I havent used him, but feel that any character of this sort of points level should only come out at around 3k+. Any lower, and I think the game will not be particularly exciting, one way or the other.
Aug 20, 2007
Doesn't look like he is in the new book so if you want to use him then it better be quickly :tongue:

Don't mind the model - will be interesting to see if it remains as the generic " vampire on zombie dragon " model.