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  • It's time once again to ferret out those murderous vampires in a new VAU - Vampires Amongst Us. A cross between Cluedo and a roleplay, sometimes gory and often hilarious! Find out more and sign-up! here.
Hi, i would like to make an announcement for the Short Story Comp that's going on Lustria Online.
Can i make it in the Announcement section, or maybe it's better in the FanFiction and Novels subforum... a announcement thread that can be "upped" each time Lustria do such a thing (each 3 months)?
Sunny - reporting back for duty!
Glad to see you back.

I think Ive read your and Najos handbook 20 times, and I still pick up something new every time I read it.

With Warhammer 3 total war coming out soon, Im excited for the future of WHFB. :)
I think i'm same; read it that many times now! just coming out of lockdown here i UK and looking for players to play with now! :) got 3500pts of VCs ready to go!
The Sun King
The Sun King
That's great guys! It was an insane amount of work so I'm really pleased that people still get something out of it many years after.
Got sidetracked painting up a Necron Kill Team. Now returning to a few half-finished things on the painting worktop.
More love for the green skins, Filler #14 ‘Rock Filler 2’ and the champ for the spears unit done. Back to undead.
NG Filler #13 - ‘Fanatic On The Loose 3’ is complete plus the other fanatics remaining from that box. Also finished the tree in the VC swarms and am working on the birds.
NG Fillers #10 - 'Another Fanantic On The Loose', #11 - 'Squig Hopper Being Shot At', and #12 - 'Pokers' are done.
6 'Bat' Swarms all ready for some paint too.
Batch #3 of the Grave Guard have been finished for a while, completing the unit. I've also made a dent in a massive Night Goblin expansion; 7 to start off the unit, including the command group and a mini filler - NG Filler #9 - 'Dibbz' from Zarbag's Gitz.
The Grave Guard are coming along pretty well - should have them done next week. I've also managed to finish a few trees for the cabinet - they've added a nice touch to the army!
Batch #2 of the Grave Guard is done. 6 Vargs back on the table and five weeks to complete them...
I currently have skeletons, dire wolves, ghouls, 20 tomb kings skeletons, 20 tomb guard, 20 skeleton archers, Zacharias the Everliving, and probably more sitting on my painting table. I have a lot of work to do! R.I.P painting motivation. :(
Placed the order for some mantic empire of dust units! They will act as proxy’s for tomb kings units and will become the next step in my “Disciples of Nagash” army!

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