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New profile posts

I currently have skeletons, dire wolves, ghouls, 20 tomb kings skeletons, 20 tomb guard, 20 skeleton archers, Zacharias the Everliving, and probably more sitting on my painting table. I have a lot of work to do! R.I.P painting motivation. :(
Placed the order for some mantic empire of dust units! They will act as proxy’s for tomb kings units and will become the next step in my “Disciples of Nagash” army!
A quick side project squared away for the missus. Work continues on painting Pump Wagons and assembling Grave Guard.
A night goblin fanatic and grave guard test mini squared away. Work continues on the Vargs alongside other little projects...
trying to paint BB bretonnians as fast as possible to clear my desk and start painting the dragon
A quick side project wight king is done. Work continues on the previously mentioned characters :)
The Doom Diver is done, next up is probably going to be that long overdue Wight BSB... Also working on a winged vampire conversion.