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A night goblin fanatic and grave guard test mini squared away. Work continues on the Vargs alongside other little projects...
trying to paint BB bretonnians as fast as possible to clear my desk and start painting the dragon
A quick side project wight king is done. Work continues on the previously mentioned characters :)
The Doom Diver is done, next up is probably going to be that long overdue Wight BSB... Also working on a winged vampire conversion.
The zombie filler is all squared away. Next up - work continues on a half-put together doom diver.
15 zomblins done! Next up is a few O&G night gobbo fillers to beef up their units. Work also continues on the VC zombie unit filler.

Thanks for Your kind offer but sending a skull is not very economical. Are You, perhaps, looking for some older (or newer) miniatures? I have some I can offer in exchange, maybe there are some other trade possibilities:)

Torn between working on my VC or my O&G, I've decided to get a batch of zomblins on the go...