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This week in Total War: choosing a Very Hard VC campaign to see all the way through...
trying to paint BB bretonnians as fast as possible to clear my desk and start painting the dragon
A quick side project wight king is done. Work continues on the previously mentioned characters :)
The Doom Diver is done, next up is probably going to be that long overdue Wight BSB... Also working on a winged vampire conversion.
The zombie filler is all squared away. Next up - work continues on a half-put together doom diver.
15 zomblins done! Next up is a few O&G night gobbo fillers to beef up their units. Work also continues on the VC zombie unit filler.

Thanks for Your kind offer but sending a skull is not very economical. Are You, perhaps, looking for some older (or newer) miniatures? I have some I can offer in exchange, maybe there are some other trade possibilities:)

Torn between working on my VC or my O&G, I've decided to get a batch of zomblins on the go...
I'm finally working on my Skull Pass Idol tent filler for my Night Gobbos. Got a Wight King in the works too.
The 4 remaining Hexwraiths are in the works! Some final greenstuff details to add then painting starts. Looking forward to painting these!