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  1. Azakael

    New Nighthaunts

    I like the ghostly bride look.
  2. Azakael

    New Plastic Black Coach Coming

    ... Yes. Yes it is. Welp. Night Haunt army it is...
  3. Azakael

    Forum Nostalgia

    Facebook groups are great for *right this minute* stuff. Forums are great for sharing things that need more permanence. Also, forums lack the irritating algorithms that Facebook has that prevents you from seeing like ninety percent of the FB group posts... *grumbles*
  4. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Working on Arkhan the Black and the Knight of Shrouds. Arkhan's mount is primed in subassemblies, and skulls are getting Nihilak Oxided at the moment. Knight of Shrouds still needs some mould line removal... and I need a new can of primer. I emptied mine on Arkhan.
  5. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    @Borgnine He announced it. No real milestone-type goals. More like, a means to get everyone motivated. And theoretically accountable to other people. Deadline is end of May. Really the Terrorgeist is the main one to finish. The Balrog is an "If I finish before the deadline..." Problem is, I've...
  6. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    So, one of the streamers I've been watching has an April/ May "Paint-Along." It's really just, "Pick a large model and paint it." Not anything specific. Well, I had two large models assembled and ready to be primed. A Lord of the Rings Balrog, and a Terrorgeist. Guess that's my paint-along...
  7. Azakael

    Age of sigmar

    I suspect it will be the Age of Sigmar version of Mordheim. But that's just me.
  8. Azakael

    Map of Shyish

    I could get behind the idea of Shyish being like Ravenloft. After all, Ravenloft *is* my preferred D&D setting... And not just for the undead stuff everyone seems to think it focuses on.
  9. Azakael

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Assembling all of my Disciples of Tzeentch stuff from the two Warhammer Quest boxes. And then the rest of the boxes. Then Flesh Eater courts for AoS. Then reorganizing what is still there for my Undead into 8th Ed/ 9th Age, KoW, and AoSized armies. (Yeah, rather than Square basing everything, I...
  10. Azakael

    NEW AOS models

    Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire... I almost wonder if it is to Mordheim that the new Armageddon game will be to Necromunda. Maybe slightly less Warhammery and more Age of Sigmary, but either way...
  11. Azakael

    Are we going to see death this year?

    The one thing I heard, and I take it with a grain of salt, is that "*every* faction will get some love this year." Now, what form that takes, I don't know. Do they mean new models, or is love something as simple as Battalion scrolls, spell lists, point rebalance, and artifacts to offset some of...
  12. Azakael

    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Damn. I love those ghouls. Mine pale in comparison. Those are also my absolute favorite ghoul models, too. I was happy to get about 25 or 30 of 'em.
  13. Azakael

    Turning the World to Darkness. Subrscribing Thread.

    Yeah, sign me up. :)
  14. Azakael

    Any 'true' KoW armies started yet?

    I'm picking up Fireforge's crusader era figures to use as my "Dragon Age: Inquisition" army, for KoM. Just got to find four hero figures that are appropriate for it.
  15. Azakael

    Your Memento Mori

    Ahh, just saw this thread. Should probably surf the forums more often. A few months ago, one of my favorite customers in the store passed away. He was a great guy. Had a few strokes over the years, but still enjoyed his hobbies. Battletech player, really. Well, after he passed away, his wife...