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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Those banners are amazing! Any tips for the rest of us when it comes to painting freehand banners?
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    Kings of War is great, I'll be sticking with it for sure. Age of Sigmar, well, I'm sure it's a good game in it's own way, but it's not Warhammer and it's not a massed combat, ranks and flanks style game so I'm not interested. Plus the models are silly expensive. There's not a lot of activity...
  3. Blutsauger

    Making Kings of War great

    Yes! Half a dozen stat line differences and different special rules aren't really needed, IMO.
  4. Blutsauger

    2K Tournament Battle Report

    What are they like to play on? I've really only ever used the static grass mats. I've been thinking about getting some of the mouse pad style gaming mats as an easy way to diversify my gaming table. Can I ask how much the knights set you back? You practically have to sell your firstborn child...
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    2K Tournament Battle Report

    Looks like some great games, and can I say how very nice your army looks! I particularly like those Soul Reavers! Were they chinacast ones?
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    Making Kings of War great

    Flavour, IMO, is found in modelling, painting and back story. Not in rules. One of the things I really like about Kings of War is that there is no functional difference between Hexwraiths and Bloodknights. They are both super cavalry units that kill stuff dead. Maybe it's because of my bias...
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    Kings of War Background Discussion

    Any discussion is better than none, lol!
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    Strange sized models from 8e

    50x50 for characters and monsters is just a guideline. You can go bigger if you want. I'm using my Mortis Engine as a Revenant King on an Undead Wyrm with the Wings upgrade. The 'fly' special rule represents it's ethereal movement, the Revenant King's abilities provide magical support to nearby...
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    Kings of War Background Discussion

    Well, you've got to remember that GW had what, 25 years to refine their background? Back in the day it was just as rough as Kings of War. I think I like that the KoW background is written very much with the idea of it being a setting for a wargame in mind, where a lot of the WHFB stuff was...
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    Starting my KoW Night Stalkers

    That's some great work.
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    Unplugged Gamers GT 2016: Kings of War

    Sounds like a great day out :)
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    1500 Point Undead List

    Great work!
  13. Blutsauger

    Any 'true' KoW armies started yet?

    True, I can't argue that :)
  14. Blutsauger

    Any 'true' KoW armies started yet?

    Have you seen better painted Mantic ones? https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/crypt-horror-alternatives.29526/#post-430720
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    Sculpting wood boxes

    Why not just make it out of balsa wood? Surely it's got to be easier than sculpting one from greenstuff or something?