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  1. brr-icy

    So i did it...

    My initial back of the head idea was building a field-able army at 3,200 points for every army in fantasy 6th edition. Then the special characters, then factions kicked in, then the Storm of Chaos lists... I kind of went overboard, so I ended up with (minus the ones on the paint table)...
  2. brr-icy

    Everything has round 40k bases!?! o_0

    That's ok. I slogged through a few aos games and realized i hated 40k just as much with fantasy skins. 6th has made a worldwide comeback, with tournaments and the whole bit. Enjoying the new models for wfb though. The warcry furies are great.
  3. brr-icy

    Farmer's Undead

    Very nice
  4. brr-icy

    Everything has round 40k bases!?! o_0

    I just gave aos the finger and went back to 6th, hundreds of people are doing the same.
  5. brr-icy

    WHFB to AoS Timeline

    For me it goes wfb/storm of chaos, repeat, the end.
  6. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    Ok...i bought all the things. I have a 6,000 point dark elf army, 10,000 pint orcs and goblins, a 4,000 dow, and 6,000 point high elf army that i am nearly done painting. And increased my chaos army to have a selection of beastmen and daemons for every god and at least one special character for...
  7. brr-icy

    So, what's everyone working on?

    I have assembled a crap ton of stuff, going to be murder painting all them
  8. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    With my main mission being a good sized army of each faction (5,000+ points) I am getting close to completing the purchasing side, now it's just the painting and basing. Painting I have three main armies left, O&G, High Elves (half done) and Dark Elves. I have small units and characters sitting...
  9. brr-icy

    Hi there

    Nice, I think I am close to 12,000 points (maybe 15,000) on my VC. I have had them since I was a kid.
  10. brr-icy

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Them Bones

    Got a rank of Cursed Company done, I'll drop that in here in a bit
  11. brr-icy

    Hi there

    Welcome, I also took a long break (14 years) and came back within the last year and a half. I kind of went overboard and bought every army so there was always a choice at my house, but VC have always been my main army.
  12. brr-icy

    Brr-icy's Random Painting Mission.

    Got a ton more done (probably should focus on basing for a month or a year or so lol.) There's a bunch of models I have painted since last posting that I have no good pics of, I'll see what I can do to get some real shots of them soon. My goal of every army at close to 5,000 points is...
  13. brr-icy

    KS Undeads, Fallen County of Ampurias - LastSword

    Ooh, i like the look of some of these models a lot. I'm working on a Knight themed VC sub army faction. I might be in need of a couple of those lol
  14. brr-icy


    Welcome. Mucho gusto. Solo poquito espanol.