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    Farmer's Undead

    @Farmer7574 you going to cost me money , I bought 10 fenrisian wolves because of this , and I had 20 old dire wolves ready for paint ! Relly liked you plastic trees great way to do it , and I tryed to sculpt my own in super sculpy.....took forever .Looking forward to see more from you whats up...
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    Farmer's Undead

    Hi @Farmer7574 The fenrisian wollves are perfect for dire wolves , like the black colours and the red eyes. Think that the bases look great , the contrast of the dark wolf to the lighter base works . Have seen undead fenrisian wolves with more glowing eyes , but in blue and green , red look...
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    Corpses of All Lands, Unite!

    @Karak Norn Clansman really like the "retired" Night Goblin Fanatic "mumie" and the dire wolves, to use different races as zombies is great. Looking forward to see more SOON...
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    Returning from the ashes

    Big Thanks , really a warm welcome. @Farmer7574 yes ,see you around. @Dragonet Spikedog on warseer , made some great looking things with using Garden of morr as bases. The look of his work made me start again . This was the major reason to get back to see if I could make something that looked...
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    My first beginning with counts

    They are looking great . Like the red and purple colours that ties the model together , could be nice to have a picture of the army as is it now . Really like the Coven Throne and Mannfred. Keep posting , looking forward to see more from you . Had problems with your links ;) Br B
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    Returning from the ashes

    Greatings Follow Undead. After many years of playing Skaven and Chaos of Warriors , it is time to start with Vampire Counts . From Denmark , been in the warhammer hobby on and off for 25 years. First few models started up , and hope soon to show the progress with pictures soon. This forum...
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    Garden of Morr

    Check out Games Workshop webshop , I just bought 3 sets from their site . Got them today , ordered them saturday. They are still avalible again ! BR Bo