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Cela Shyish

I only just noticed this after being on Carpe Noctem how many years now? If you can't tell I don't tend to explore websites too much. So about me, what can I say? I get shy really easily but sometimes I can be super talkative and never shut up so be warned if you try to talk to me. :)

In school I was head of Chess club, top in all of my classes and Head Prefect (That last bit helped me come out of my shell a lil) I was also a main helper to the school librarian and then in college I was Class President sooo as you can guess I am very much a geek. I went to a poor school at first I admit but I transferred to a Catholic school at the end of year 9. After school I was invited to move away to attend a military college for training officers (Owing to a recommendation sent by a temporary teacher who had taught me for a few lessons after I transferred and thought it would be a waste for me to not attend) however due to...personal reasons I rejected the offer and went to a normal college to study the sciences.

As for hobbies I love WHFB, AoS and 40K is ok too. I love to read but dancing and singing are my absolute favourites [colour=crimson]♥[/colour] although I admit I don't think I'm very good. I sometimes like to play my flute when I'm alone to relax but I admit when people are around I become very inactive, kinda one of my worst traits since I always feel like people are judging me. Probably stems a lil from when I used to attend chess tournaments. I get super nervous and admittedly become totally useless in such situations. By totally useless, in my first chess tournament in my first game my opening 4 moves lost me 2 pawns and my queen in exchange for 1 pawn which considering I was top in the club and beat everyone I lost to in the tournament in friendly rematches between games should show just how bad I am with them so if I ever ignore a tournament view of a game change, etc don't take it personally. Its just that I CAN'T do tournaments, I nearly pass out every time so I apologise but I have no experience in a warhammer tournament setting. I love learning languages and about different cultures too (although I mainly know about Japan and historical cultures) its strange to admit but I've loved strategic warfare ever since I was a little girl ^^" but its still fun. Also painting is very therapeutic, although building models is such a pain. Its also kinda funny that my make-up skills have gotten so so sooooo much better since I started warhammer because A) practice with precision painting and B) I learned a lot of techniques I can apply to make-up which on my last night out with my friends (I'm kinda a hikikomori so that was like 2 months ago and my first night out ever really) they were all super jealous....aaaand it occurs to me I get way to enthusiastic about silly things so I'm just gonna end this here, if anyone wants to chat to me then feel free to say hi. I adore meeting new people :)
Jan 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
Daemons of Chaos, High Elves, Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts
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United Kingdom