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  1. Darkblossom

    Bloodline Armies Project - Is is still needed?

    It has been a while since I visited this forum. (shame on me) DoN, if you start with this project, I would love to contribute. The previous bloodline armies were well balanced and fun to play with. Btw, this cover is just excellent !
  2. Darkblossom

    Changes to Vamp Count fluff?

    To be honest, it wouldn't be the first time they mess with the fluf in this edition. Somehow, in the Tomb Kings book Arkhan the Black, traitor and first Lieutenant of Nagash, became good friends with the Tomb Kings....:mummy:
  3. Darkblossom

    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    The new models are looking marvelous.:) I love to see the new 'revival' of Lahmia. It has always been my favourite bloodline, and now we have some beautiful new models that can be a centrepiece in our army. But what happened with the cover ?!? I realy hope it is not a reflection of the content ...
  4. Darkblossom

    Tomb kings

    Don't worry, the bone giant is still there, but it is called the "Necrolith Colossus" now. It may take an AhW, a GW or a Bow of the Desert (porable bolt trower). It is a bit cheaper, loses one wound, has a 5+ AS instead of a 3+ and it's thoughness is increased by one. The unstoppable assault...
  5. Darkblossom

    Strigoi 8th Edition Feedback

    I have one remaining question related to the 'Vengeance riders' : Are they considered as being 'Ghouls' or as being'Fell Bats' regarding to the summoning powers?
  6. Darkblossom

    BA - 8th Edition Review: Strigoi

    Hello there ! I'm glad that I finally found some time to post a reply. (becoming a parent for the first time consumes quite a lot of time ;) ) To be honest, pure fluf wise, the zombies should stay special. Originally Ghouls were human cannibals driven mad by the meat of the dead. Since we...
  7. Darkblossom

    BA - 8th Edition Review: Lahmian

    Just some remaining questions: Regarding unit size of entourage : I agree with Montesque and DoN that the maximum size of 10 is too limited in 8th edition. Should it be OK of we raise this to 15 (= one additional rank)? Regarding upgrades of entourage : We agreed that normal unit upgrades...
  8. Darkblossom

    BA - 8th Edition Review: Lahmian

    As failing their stupidity test? Nice, clean solution ! xD I will give these changes a try in a play test next Friday. Just a question: What about the Lahmian troups? Perhaps the 'not raising over starting unit strenght' can be removed for skeletons in heavy armor?
  9. Darkblossom

    BA - 8th Edition Review: Lahmian

    Hello there, it has been a while. Here are some thoughts: I like the proposed changes related to the Swain (he is so charmed by the beauty of the vampire lady that he becomes unbreakable until she is slain). I think 20/25 extra points can be a correct pricing. Perhaps we can also include...
  10. Darkblossom

    2000 points 8th ed with variant

    Yes indeed, GG can be raised at a rate of D6 models per casting.
  11. Darkblossom

    Lahmian Playtesting Thread

    A Lahmia power that becomes realy good with 8th edition is 'innocence lost'. Having a high initiative in combination with ASF is powerfull. I think this power will be on my 'must have' list from now on. It is still not OP though ( there is an army that recieves this bonus as an army rule ) and...
  12. Darkblossom

    Common Magic Items Rumours

    Will ranged and CC attacks made by a unit with the 'Banner of Eternal Flame' also be magical? If this is the case, our ethereals are so screwed !! (outriders, repeater crossbows, HE archers... will waste our precious units in no-time :( )
  13. Darkblossom

    Reviewing for the 8th Edition

    Hello DoN, I will be happy to help with play testing.
  14. Darkblossom

    Rising from the marsh

    I'm astonished ... Really, they look marvelous. @Abbysal That skaven and orc skeleton are comming from 'The Cursed Company', which is one of the 'regiments of Renown'.
  15. Darkblossom

    Lahmian Playtesting Thread

    Perhaps the power "Remains of the old blood" needs some more explaination. My starting idea was: once, before they became vampires, they were blessed by the Asp Goddess. This remains of the asp blessing could possibly be represented by two effects : - the old Asp Bow effect (picking...