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  1. edwardvlad

    An AoS tournament

    Congratulations! Well played xDxD Love the skeleton archers! Good times when vampires had range.. :swear:
  2. edwardvlad

    Countdown from 20,000

    7164 (It's a private thing :lol:)
  3. edwardvlad

    Geralt of Rivia joins the Kislev! More Kislev units and an army picture

    Really nice idea! Congratulations. Yeah it kinds looks like a mummified worm :lol: really works for TK imho
  4. edwardvlad

    Countdown from 20,000

  5. edwardvlad

    Thirteen Dancing Skeletons - Bearded Troll Lady / Gobbo Heroes / Bell Ringer

    That's what i wanted to say xD those are the teachings of Nagash! Good job man :bowdown:
  6. edwardvlad

    Countdown from 20,000

  7. edwardvlad

    Show us your Fell and Swarm(bats)

    Yeah those are the best looking ones if you ask me, good choice. Really unique and superbly painted as always! I'm seriously impressed.
  8. edwardvlad

    Painting adventures in Time, Space and beyond!

    Love that old school feel! They should make designs like these, more subtle in appearance but still with today's capabilities at making good looking and detailed sculpts.
  9. edwardvlad

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    Nice theme overall! I must say i thought the chaos horse wouldn't fit much with a vampire, but you made it work quite nicely.
  10. edwardvlad

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Good sculpting man! It's such a good concept, i may steal It xD Do you happening to know where those models are from? They look nice. Can't wait to see them painted! Edit: Nevermind, just discovered they are GW, sorry
  11. edwardvlad

    An AoS tournament

    Good job, i see from the pictures that those heretics are also unpainted :lol: Glad you showed them the ways of Nagash :devil2:
  12. edwardvlad

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Yeah me too man, i think they stray too much from the canon aesthetics of the warhammer world. They really look too sci-fi for my taste. Also i chose Neferata because her mount is covered in armor more than the other two, so it hides it a bit xD
  13. edwardvlad

    An AoS tournament

    Really enjoying this battle reps, keep it up! xDxD And also it's a nice change to see some battles with TK, I got so used to not seeing them around anymore that i almost forgot that with their peculiar units you can really make up some interesting tactics. Good job, hope you crush those...
  14. edwardvlad

    Farmer's Undead

    Really nice basing and spot on neat painting as always! Congratulations xD love the vultures btw.
  15. edwardvlad

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Neferata, of course! To me, Arkhan is just Nagash's shadow, always inferior to his master. As others have said, he's "just" a faithful servant. Mannfred is just the same lil' bitch as always, i'd pick Vlad over him any day. I feel you, i would pick him over anyone else too. Never understood...