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Recent content by Goggalor

  1. Goggalor

    The old enemy arises

    Well just as i get into it work drags me away. Back again and started to paint some tomb kings. Finally finished off the casket. Although i need to get some better photos. C&C welcome as always
  2. Goggalor

    Monthly Challange : Turn the world to darkness.

    RE: Turning The World To Darkness Challenge NSFW Vampiress O.k i am in. this is the model i am choosing. obviously not my painting, but i shall hopefully get her done as soon as possible!
  3. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    Some more wip. And a very dull workstation. some undercoated crypt ghouls the throne in progress some hexwraiths that i started, stopped halfway built and have now lost the pieces to so i am procuring some more till then some of them will have to headbutt, poke and punch their foes. and...
  4. Goggalor

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: Vannah's Creations Plog NSFW update 5-1-12 stripper's We all want to see more moob details. I have been reliably informed troll moobs are an excellent place to store KFC while on patrol.
  5. Goggalor

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: Vannah's Creations Plog NSFW update 5-1-12 stripper's The back fat on timmy looks good but i think the flash has taken the definition out of timmy's man boobs.
  6. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    It is not really one yet. I only built the desk today so it is a bit dull I'm afraid.
  7. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    Yes the kingdom death miniatures are nice. And trying to find a use for them is quite hard in an army. However the real update here is i finally have a desk to paint on. You don't miss a real desk till you don't have one and have to paint on your coffee table! That way back pain lies. :swear...
  8. Goggalor

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: Vannah's Creations Plog NSFW update 4-30-12 Repairing Isebella Wow, so many pages. The isabella model is a very nice model and dynamic. As always your work is good and very prolific. The ogre zombie monster is looking especially cool
  9. Goggalor

    Ben's VC painting log

    The colours are very clean and the colours work well. I especially like the black coach, it really stands out. The models are old school cool too! nice
  10. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    The finished mortis engine. Although after finisheing it the engine spluttered last night after the death of my general. Anyhoo here are the pics: (will try to get the light box up and running to get some brighter pics) All C&C welcome. Now to the crypt ghouls! thanks
  11. Goggalor

    Johnny- Crass : Return of the Brush

    You have a nice looking army here. The coven throne is especially nice and i am looking forward to the finished product!
  12. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    The model on it is from kingdom death, the speaker i think. Should get some more done tomorrow. and thanks
  13. Goggalor

    They came from the Barrows...

    I really like your wight king. The antlers look very natural, as natural as they can on an undead mans helmet anyway, and fit the maodel well. The colour scheme you have chosen looks suitably ancient too. Good work!
  14. Goggalor

    Lahmian Desert army

    After a year away from the vamps, fighting for the enemy, with the new book out i thought i would return to the family. And with the tasty new models too. After one game against some other vamps i needed to paint the new toys. Here is a w.i.p of the mortis engine. Any C&C welcome...
  15. Goggalor

    Worst Model Ever

    Nagash is the worst model ever. How he got through the design process i do not know. Designer: Right Nagash is the badass lord of the dead, sculpt me a BIG undead lord with menace, power and nice crown. Sculpter hears: sculpt me a blah blah undead blah clown. However recently the razorgor is...