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Recent content by Josef

  1. Josef

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    ty ty, 2d art has its purposes too lol, concept sketching FTW
  2. Josef

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    at the con i did a bruise makeup with some rubber mask grease paint it helped for a bit but that stuff did not stick very long lol was on the local news in the area (in the background because i told the guy i dont follow the show the con was for) and then also made finalist for the costume...
  3. Josef

    Halloween 2015

    This year ill be in a full monster makeup (will be making the mold when i go home today for the stuff i need to run in silicon) and will be running around either 6th street or san marcos in full costume
  4. Josef

    Most useless / stupid thing you've done at work

    at past jobs the worthless stuff i did was fix cars that should be sent to the wholesale (auction) because they where complete pos's and should not have had that much money dumpped into them. now its just clocking in hahahaha im kidding but some days it feels like that
  5. Josef

    What are you listening to

    Why Don't We Just Dance by Josh Turner, and about to turn on my irish station on pandora
  6. Josef

    What's going on in your life?

    Work + School + Projects thats about it with me. and grats all yall that have good stuff brewing in yalls life
  7. Josef

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    I actually have not taken any real classes just signed up at the stan winston school for character arts online stuff but also have some baseline knowledge of the stuff from working on the small scale here, and eventually will be taking classes at a makeup school but need the cash for that first
  8. Josef

    what ive been up to as of late (moved)

    Well with the death of warhammer i decided to start taking some courses and working on building a portfolio for making masks and prosthetics figured i would share what ive been up to. This will be used at Dallas con and at a haunted house during halloween. C&C is welcome. moved this one here...
  9. Josef

    Farmer's Greenskins

    Looking good nice and clean paint jobs
  10. Josef

    Josef's Tomb Kings 2015

    Yeah it's my black Orc bock plog
  11. Josef

    Josef's Tomb Kings 2015

    ty yeah atm im trying to finish up my squig sculpts as that army needs to be done this nov, but ill be back to my TK soon enough
  12. Josef

    Explain your profile!

    Explain your profile name. Well Josef is my first name so i used it lol Explain your profile pic. its the chick from prince of persia warrior within and shes just hot Explain your sig. I forget whats in it besides links to my plogs
  13. Josef

    Reverse engineering

    it looks as if they mixed silver with a black wash or applied a thick black wash over a silver base, you can also add a small amount of black to silver and that may get you the same effects, best of luck
  14. Josef

    Josef's black orc bock army... update current models

    Heres a WIP of the squig im sculpting up
  15. Josef

    Josef's Tomb Kings 2015

    Heres the titan so far