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  1. LordTobiothan

    Overreactions to Age of Sigmar

    Your guy's reactions are exactly why there are disclaimers at the start of the video. Also if the guy has no monetary concerns and simply refuses to support GW in any way, i dont see how this is an overreaction. Doesn't hurt him, shouldn't hurt us.
  2. LordTobiothan

    Age of sigmar

    My tone is no different then yours, any criticism toward your experience to AoS is met with you quoting your experience, or claiming inexperienced players are just running blocks toward each other, or aserting that AoS has a lot of depth and tactical choices. Which when you say it comes off as...
  3. LordTobiothan

    Age of sigmar

    Its not just that there are systems that I feel are better though. There are systems with aos' good atributes and none of the horrendous aspects (obviously some of the bad aspects as no game is perfect) The comfort zone thing could be good for the other side too. Your so stuck with your friends...
  4. LordTobiothan

    Age of sigmar

    The summoning alone makes games get up to the hundred count of models, and the rules encourage placing everything you've got. I suppose you can play it at the level of a regular skirmish game if you don't use any hordes or bring much magic, but I don't want to play a skirmish game, and if I did...
  5. LordTobiothan

    AoS-Can heroes join units?

    You can fill the entire board with dragons and put a character model behind them and from table level I can still pick out the character, its why TLOS is often one of the first things removed from a system, when you know where something is, it takes a very solid block for you not to see it. Its...
  6. LordTobiothan

    Age of sigmar

    Many very very very experienced tournament level warhammer players also run units at each other, because in a battlescale game, using tactics made for small unit skirmish games is not why there playing a game at this scale. You say I'm making assumptions but your posts are frequently backing it...
  7. LordTobiothan

    AoS Undead Legions

    When they release the new factions, "death" will be one of them, we are already planned to be the same army anyway. But no there arent any restrictions on mixing armies.
  8. LordTobiothan

    AoS-Can heroes join units?

    Isnt it tlos? Unless your zombies are a literal wall of flesh there are always enough gaps to see lone characters behind them.
  9. LordTobiothan

    Age of Sigmar - Magic Question

    Not a very useful answer in regards to pick up games though. You dont have time to clarify how each of you wants to play every uncertain rule, especially when you already need to decide how to make balanced forces. Thats kind of the point of a rules section of the forum, people dont ask hoping...
  10. LordTobiothan

    Need help resurrecting 7th edition

    This is exactlywhat I had been trying to do. Could not for the life of my recreate my results though. I am glad you found it.
  11. LordTobiothan

    Anyone else very interested in Kings of War all of a sudden?

    Any time its easy to remember whats left in a unit I never bothered to actually remove the models anyway. Seemed pointless most of the time, you almost always knew if the unit was breaking that turn or if the number they took barely mattered. So KoW will basically just let me do what I've been...
  12. LordTobiothan

    Age of sigmar

    Idk if I'd go so far a to say this bit right here. As far a a skirmish game goes, AoS is one of the simplest out there and not very appealing to the skirmish gaming crowd. When given to people who want to play a battlescale game, that "complexity" just seems silly for a block of troops. The...
  13. LordTobiothan

    AoS experience

    That wheel thing was actually not legal within the rules, people were measuring from the back model as their units movement instead of the model opposite the one doing the pivot like the rule book tells you to do. Long time cheat that became so commonplace that people thought it was just a bad...
  14. LordTobiothan

    AoS: Necromancer list

    Except sunnys already at his 12 warscroll limit, hed have to drop one of his bigger useful units to field any decoys.