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    Togg's Waaagh!

    Popping by to give you the latest additions to my OnG army. A Big Brother Giant with Net: And an Iron Orc Warlord:
  2. Mad 'At

    The Hat Rack

    The latest episode, about Player Types.
  3. Mad 'At

    The Hat Rack

    Another episode out:
  4. Mad 'At

    The Hat Rack

    Another episode, this time chatting with Jordan from the Thundercocks Podcast and fjugin, head of Rules Team.
  5. Mad 'At

    The Hat Rack

    Good evening! In this episode my guest is Grouchy Badger, also known by Guard Bro Miniature Reviews. The topic is the recent balance updated by T9A, the 2.2 patch. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with the sound and video not quite syncing up. I hope you can still find it...
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    The Hat Rack

    Episode 13 - Going to Tournaments Where I'm joined by Grimbold Blackhammer. Miniature being painted is an Imperial Marshal with Weapon and Pistol by Avatars of War, which I will use as an Inquisitor in my EoS army. Imperial Marshal with weapon & pistol News KoE and EoS horses by Grabbelcast...
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Thanks guys! I do check in on the forums every now and then but I don't post much. Since I have so many more project now than just OnG and VC the plogs here don't see that much action. Though I seem to have forgotten an update or two, such as my Shriking Horror, so I'll include some pics of...
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    The Hat Rack

    The latest episode: Hobby Spotlight: Bases for warmachines (bases 3D-printed and by Games Worshop, miniatures on the bases by Games Workshop). News: Norba Miniatures: Miniatures - Norbaminiatures Old School Miniatures Kickstarter: OSM goes back Gnome Site: Old School Miniatures | New...
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Hi all! I just finished a unit of 10 Spectral Hunters for my T9A army, made with the GW Hexwraiths. They have the option to take a wizard Champion if you use the Nosferatu Bloodline, so I magnetized an extra torso with some conversions to represent that.
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    Farmer's Undead

    Thanks for the mention mate! Your Vargheist look awesome, I especially like the hair :)
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    Tomb Kings Time

    The 9th Age has a list of miniatures that could be used as their Tomb Cataphracts, a unit that thematically is a bit similar to Necro Knight I think. Might be useful to you. Miniatures - Tomb Cataphracts - The 9th Age
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    The Hat Rack

    Hi I started a YouTube channel a while ago and just now realized that it might be a good idea to spread it around a bit. So I'm starting this thread where I'll post each new video. The latest video is episode 11 of what I call Paint Desk Ramblings. The idea is to paint some miniatures while...
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    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: (Un)Death From Above

    Dagny, the Shrieking Horror
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    Vampire Lords . . . What Happened?

    @Vipoid Have you checked out The 9th Age? It is a different game altogether but in some ways closer to WFB than AoS is. There is also quite a lot of customisation for the Vampires in the Vampire Covenant army, and they are generally really quite powerful. Could be up your alley :)
  15. Mad 'At

    Looking for a Mini Pipe Wrench

    I think there might be a wrench somewhere among the many GW Ork kits, but I'm not sure. Looking in a completely different direction, how about a Lego wrench?