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    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: (Un)Death From Above

    Dagny, the Shrieking Horror
  2. Mad 'At

    Vampire Lords . . . What Happened?

    @Vipoid Have you checked out The 9th Age? It is a different game altogether but in some ways closer to WFB than AoS is. There is also quite a lot of customisation for the Vampires in the Vampire Covenant army, and they are generally really quite powerful. Could be up your alley :)
  3. Mad 'At

    Looking for a Mini Pipe Wrench

    I think there might be a wrench somewhere among the many GW Ork kits, but I'm not sure. Looking in a completely different direction, how about a Lego wrench?
  4. Mad 'At

    Togg's Waaagh!

    Time for an update! I went to the Swedish Masters in T9A recently and did some pimping of my army in preparation for it. Also added some new stuff, most notably a Goblin Witch Doctor on Wolf Chariot: It was a very interesting model to build and paint, but I enjoyed it greatly. The GW Wolf...
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    Show us your Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon

    Looks like the Zombie Dragon from TMS' kickstarter.
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    So I always wanted a plog...

    I am that guy, it goes by the name Skirmish Campaigns nowdays. Currently working on updating it to be closer in design to T9A v2.0, a massive part being the new profile layout. I haven't been able to put much time into it lately though, but hopefully I'll be able to release that towards the end...
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    So I always wanted a plog...

    @Eternal Salvation: I'm still around, though I'm not spending as much time here as I used to, and I'm not working on anything undead atm. Nice to see that you plog is still active. I very much like those ladies and their flying horses. Good choice in wings.
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    Favourite/Worst Change from WHFB to AoS?

    I've thought about this a bit over the year and realised it is quite complex. The fluff plays a big part, as there is little in it that seems interesting to me. It is much too grandiose and epic for my taste. The world dosn't feel tangible when everything is over the top and incredible. Like...
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    Favourite/Worst Change from WHFB to AoS?

    I never got into AoS, nor do I have any intention of doing so, but I have been keeping up with it a bit by listening to Warhammer Weekly while painting. For me there is little in it catches my interest, but now that you say it DoN I do agree with it being a good thing that Chaos are so strong to...
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    Mortarch rectangular base size?

    @Kallypso: It came with a 60x100 mm base back in the day.
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear that :) I certainly get what you mean about the 'von' scroll, that did bother me too. I was thinking about making the other end of the scroll swirl up in a similar pattern opposite, but decided against that because of the position of the sword. Still happy with the...
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Update! I did say I would try to at least keep my plogs update so here is one about the latest little project I finished. Pretty much since the 9th Age started I've been meaning to replace my old Von Carstein banners with new ones to fit the new fluff, and at the same time improve stuff I...
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    Mad 'At's Marvelous Manifestations

    I suppose I could update this plog with a bunch of pics of terrain I've been doing during my hiatus in forum activity. In no particular order: Portals: Other pics: Wasteland: More pics: Jungle: More pics: Graveyards (with my thanks to @Infernal Skull for producing the walls and...
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    @Borgnine: The idea for the base was very much inspired by your own conversion. It really was a brilliant way to have the spirits make more sense. So thank for for that :) @Nagash Worshiper: Don't have any more pics of Nagash if that's what you are asking. I do have some pics of all the...
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    The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein

    Took the time to search for those promised WIP shots, and I did find some. Not very good ones sadly, but it is all I can offer: