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Recent content by Menkeroth

  1. Menkeroth

    Age of sigmar

  2. Menkeroth

    Trade in the Mortal Realms

    Here is an interesting recent article, I've thought you could find it interesting as well. It has really no new info as is, but still can be a good summary of what we already have. Trade and Currency in the Mortal Reams - Warhammer Community
  3. Menkeroth

    Sharkbelly's Projects

    Models are looking quite solid, and of course, well painted as always. Stormtroopers are especially good, not GW quality, sure, but quite impressive nevertheless.
  4. Menkeroth

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Simply amazing that is!
  5. Menkeroth

    The Carrion Empire - new boxed set with FEC, including a new vampire

    Exactly, GW uses this tactics in 40k as well. And yeah, I also think they both can get some updates down the line after that, maybe even new book for ghouls and a book for the clan Skryre. Would be nice.
  6. Menkeroth

    Forbidden Colours - A Lahmian Army Plog

    Dire wolfhound looks really creepy and creative, I like them. The idea certainly pays off, especially if GW releases something like that to make our wolves look more various and different.
  7. Menkeroth

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Apart from my undead I've decided to go parallel for my ogres as well. Really great models despite being released in 2005-2007 I think.
  8. Menkeroth

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    A month of inactivity? you have done more than I can in a lifetime :D great work as always, I especially like your conversions. As creative you are as ever :)
  9. Menkeroth

    Farmer's Greenskins

    The goblins diorama is just amazing, have not seen something like that for ages. Really creative! Especially when one has enough big bases for such purposes :)
  10. Menkeroth

    So.....How's Things Going?

    Oh yeah, a bit late to the party, but still, happy new year, brothers and sisters, may Nagash favor you all!
  11. Menkeroth

    Sharkbelly's Projects

    Well done, as always. What else for Destruction still left?
  12. Menkeroth

    Sharkbelly's Projects

    Familiar faces! Metalic ones even?
  13. Menkeroth

    Sharkbelly's Projects

    Good! but they look so small next to all those new shiny miniatures of today...
  14. Menkeroth

    Bad Habits in Wargaming

  15. Menkeroth

    Sharkbelly's Projects

    Small but still lovely models. Black orcs too then?