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I'm a father and a maker. I love to design and build stuff. I'm a software designer. I build electronics and smart devices.

I love warhammer and do so since 2007 isch. I started with a pretty large chaos army, then skaven. Got into other hobbies so sold it all (big mistake....). Few years later the flame reignited and i collected a largish lizardmen army. When that was about 80% painted I got a very large skaven army. Then beastmen, chaos warriors and daemons.

During covid lockdown I printed and mostly painted a 6k points 8th ed chaos dwarf army.

I have also owned 3d printers (FDM) since 2014 and resin since 2020

I have a tomb kings army in the works (I have a huge print queue) and after that I'll be making some ogres for a 8th
Ed ogre kingdoms army.

Vampires will surely come at one point or another..
January 31
Maasmechelen, Belgium
  1. Beasts of Chaos
  2. Chaos Dwarves
  3. Daemons of Chaos
  4. Lizardmen
  5. Ogre Kingdoms
  6. Skaven
  7. Tomb Kings
  8. Warriors of Chaos
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Software developer


Halgar Hellgaze, Lord commander of the doomseekers, Daemonsmith of Zharr Harbaz.


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