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    Countdown from 20,000

  2. Quinten

    Dead forum?

    Haven't posted here in a while. Unfortunately, I think most 9th age players are on the ninth age forum, KoW players on the KoW forums and so on. Kinda too bad but the game this website was founded to discuss no longer exists so I guess it is too be expected.
  3. Quinten

    2k 8th edition, screaming horrors

    Dogs would probably work better than skellies in this situation. Not sure what the wight king is doing as an undead BSB isn't all too important, maybe trade him out for a lore of vampires necro. Doesn't look too bad other than that. If you don't want to play Sigmar you could try out ninth age...
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    Eighth Edition News

    Since all the rules have been leaked, I'm now playing a game against a GK player and I can only say a couple things: Dreadknight spams are as deadly as ever Charge after deepstrike is pretty good when your entire army deepstrikes/teleports by other means Combat got buffed Overall the game seems...
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    5000pt Strigoi Vamp Spam

    I posted this on the ninth age forums but though i'd ask for advice here as well. +++ 5VampsorBust5000pts (BS2.0 Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age) [5000pts] +++ ++ Vampire Covenant (BS2.0 Vampire Covenant) [5000pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Bloodline: Strigoi + VC Characters [2000pts] + Midnight...
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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Countdown from 20,000

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    9th age 6000 tourney list

    I would probably drop the barrow kings. You can take another vamp as a BSB this way, or upgrade one of your other vamps to a BSB and drop points. Barrow king attacks aren't really all that much better than grave guard attacks so you're not gaining much. Definitely, switch your general to...
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    4500pt lists

    I won the game 12-8 against the VC guy (would have put his GG deathstar under 25% model count if I had remember my varakolak's stomps) putting me in 4th place and him in 5h place. So I play VC first round in playoffs. Second round I would most likely play undying dynasties but maybe beast herds...
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    5000pts Captains tournaments list

    Teams of four, my team's Lizardmen, orcs, and sylvain elves. I've never been to a captains tournament before so any advice is appreciated: +++ CaptainsTournamnt (BS2.0 Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age v34) (5000pts) +++ ++ Vampire Covenant (BS2.0 Vampire Covenant v14) (5000pts) ++ + Uncategorised...
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    9th Age v1.3 4000 pts Nosferatu vs Sylvan Elves

    Nice battle report though I would have liked to see the zombie dragon actually get into combat. I was waiting for that the whole report and then you finally died charging. Oh well. Guess that just means you'll have to play another game.
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    Countdown from 20,000