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  1. Swissdictator

    Swiss's 4th VC army. August 13th update

    It's some Reaper mini I bought back in 2006 or 2007. I bought her as I really liked the book, back in the days of the Cursed Book in the 6th ed book.
  2. Swissdictator

    Swiss's 4th VC army. August 13th update

    First batch of wolves. I can't stand the Dire wolf models, and the Fenrisian wolves are amazing. So I am using those. Second necromancer whom I have not yet named. Also, to inspire me, a little something I got at Six Flags over the weekend.
  3. Swissdictator

    How many core units models do you need?

    The heart of my core is skeletons. I typically don't take Lord of the Dead, though I would if I could give it to multiple casters. So my skeletons don't get larger than they start. I typically take them 40 strong, but 50 strong is also wise. My zombie blocks are typically 20-25 strong and I...
  4. Swissdictator

    Zombie Curiosity

    7th edition book 20-25 start up to 106. I've also managed to get my skeletons, pre 8th ed, up to 70s or 80s from 25.
  5. Swissdictator

    How Many Necromancers?

    I've got 2 necros in a 3000 point list. One lord, one here. Along with two vampires. I prefer to have Necros do the bulk of my casting, allowing me to keep the Vamps safer from miscasts so they can kill stuff.
  6. Swissdictator

    WIP Real dead army

    Most of my VC have been undead empire, and it has been repainted/rebuilt a few times. It really does give an army character. I strongly encourage it. I dabbled with undead Chaos, and I guess I didn't give it enough effort. Though it could look good if done right. Undead Dark Elves look...
  7. Swissdictator

    Aesthetic or Performance?

    The Good While I'll always have a special place for the old skeletons, the new ones are solid. They are the heart of our core. Black Knights, and to a smaller extent Grave Guard. I'm actually contemplating running Black Knights in some lists because they look so good. Grave Guard also look...
  8. Swissdictator

    Swiss's 4th VC army. August 13th update

    Even the Zombies got a touch up. 2nd Skeletons underway. Spirit Hosts Joe
  9. Swissdictator

    VC 9th Edition: Bring Back The Bloodlines?

    I loved the 6E vc book a lot in its day. While it would need tweaks for 8E (points costs, reworking its invocation a bit). The Bloodlines were amazingly fun. As long as the powers were still separate from items, and they had a batch of 'generic' powers that all could take (a few might say...
  10. Swissdictator

    Crumble, pro or con and dealing with it tactically

    I didn't vote, mainly because I've stepped aside from VC for a while until now. I think it needs some tweaking to be right. First and foremost... we gain nothing from being steadfast (aside from simply denying it). I think we need something, such as -d3 to our losses if we crumble. Also, if...
  11. Swissdictator

    Any old models you must always field?

    Some of us have been playing VC for some time, or have been in the hobby a long time and may have picked up an old model they especially love. I'm on my newest version of VC (4th or a revision of my third) and there are some models I've always had. Not many, but a few. The one VC model I will...
  12. Swissdictator

    Carpe Noctem Mantic Purchases Thread

    I have a ton of mantic zombies. I personally like a mix of GW and Mantic zombies, but I regularly advise new undead players to turn to Mantic for the bulk of their core as well as wraiths if they're wanting to keep it affordable. Though I still would turn to GW for Black Knights (I love their...
  13. Swissdictator

    World of Tanks

    I'm lucky I guess. The clan I'm in isn't so uptight, we realize it is a hobby and it should be fun. Yet we strive to our best and help each other be better. Just like a good miniatures gaming group. Amusingly enough the guy who leads our clan currently also plays Warhammer.
  14. Swissdictator

    Favourite non-Vampire Counts army

    Where's the Chaos Dwarfs? First army I loved following my first beloved army of VC. Yes, I played them in the Ravening Hordes days. They were AMAZING and often under estimated. After that? Nurgle Chaos (yes, Nurgle be it warriors or daemons) followed by the Empire. Empire was my first army that...
  15. Swissdictator

    Swiss's 4th VC army. August 13th update

    The Grave Guard are pretty easy to repaint. Still not sure on going back and touching up the armor. I will probably touch up the spirit hosts (they use Empire militia figures and a tomb stone). I'm pretty happy with Ulrika overall (hope you liked the closeups) , I just hate painting skin, so I...