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The Brotherhood of Necros

My stories have been published by a number of independent presses. In 2010, I won the University of Southampton’s Flash Fiction Competition with my story, ‘Crowman’. In 2014 I won the Almond Press Short Story Competition, ‘Broken Worlds’. In the same year, my novel Lynnwood (Sparkling Books, 2013) was a finalist for The People’s Book Prize. I have since published a second novel, Featherbones (Sparkling Books, 2016) and am currently working on completing my third.

In 2018, I graduated with a doctorate degree from the University of Southampton after successfully defending my thesis exploring the limitations of language and how to overcome them. (Read more about my experiences.)

Warhammer has pretty much been a constant throughout my life. The Old World was my gateway to writing and The Age of Sigmar remains a fount of inspiration to this day. One of my favourite things is to write about the characters I create for the tabletop, to bring them to life in my imagination, to tell their stories. This is the story of the Brotherhood of Necros.
Jan 8, 1989 (Age: 32)
Vampire Counts, Wood Elves
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United Kingdom
Head of Content, BabelQuest


"The light gutters and shrinks in his wide eyes, candle and boy untended, this long-dead spiderling preserved for centuries in a dream of amethyst." Dark Awakening, Ch.1

Spilling blood and saying prayers at the altar of the Black Library Submissions team. (Don't worry — not my blood.)

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