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  1. Timothias

    Show us your Morghasts

    Thanks, @Borgnine ! Quite happy with how they're coming out. I like that the spirits help unify the look with Nagash, Arkhan and the Spirit Hosts. Regarding bases... they are actually resin, from Dragon Forge Design. Cheating, I know, but I'm very happy with the look, and I could never get...
  2. Timothias

    Tim's Undead Gallery

    Progress on the Deathrattle Horde: Elspeth von Draken, patiently awaiting her AOS Warscroll:
  3. Timothias

    Lords of Sacrament and Despair - List for NiCON16 (SCGT rules)

    List preparation for the North Island Wargaming Convention here in New Zealand. We use using the SCGT rules, but with slightly smaller pool limits (deploy 80/120, instead of 100/150). Warband (Deployed Force): 1 x Arkhan the Black (1) = 20 1 x Necromancer (1) = 4 1 x Wight King with Black Axe...
  4. Timothias

    Citadel Crusade Case

    Weighing in in favour of these cases. Works fine for most undead units. For larger models, I find you can remove one of the trays, put one in upside down, and it seems to work OK. That is for models like Nagash. You could supplement these larger models with extra packing to make sure. There are...
  5. Timothias

    New Age of Sigmar Death player

    #TeamArkhan all the way! Welcome, and please post pictures of your army progress for us :)
  6. Timothias

    Hexwraiths or Black Knights

    My take on the benefits of Black Knights: Thematic benefits. You haven't got a TRUE Deathrattle Horde without them! Plus, they look awesome. If you are using the Warscroll Battalions, you may need Black Knights to fill the requirement. Buffing them with Vanhel's, and Lord of Bones, gives you a...
  7. Timothias

    Path to Glory

    If anyone is interested, I made some home-brew rules for our local group to include rules tables for other deities. In terms of the bonus favour points granted to beating certain gods, we are working this out as we go - for example,life gets bonus against death and vice versa, light against...
  8. Timothias

    List of comp systems

    Could you please add (under Pool Comps): South Coast GT http://heelanhammer.com/scgt/ Clash Comp http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=99&t=130170 You might also like to mention the online Warscroll army builder: http://www.scrollbuilder.com/
  9. Timothias

    Konrad's Red Fury

    Red Fury: Roll a dice after resolving any attacks with Konrad. If the result is less than the number of models he slew in that phase, he immediately piles in and attacks again. RAW, we kept reading this and thinking that he could potentially keep piling in over and over in the same phase. And...
  10. Timothias

    Malicht Undead Thread!

    Nice work, man - I hope you post more. What base size did you use for the Morghast?
  11. Timothias

    Age of sigmar

    I've really enjoyed the books so far. The Realm of Shyish audio-dramas have been my favourite so far. Especially Nagash's soliloquy at the beginning.
  12. Timothias

    question about assembling vlad

    I know the bit you mean. It attaches to the small divot on the inside top of the billowy part of his cloak: I left it off mine, and just used greenstuff to smooth over the divot.
  13. Timothias

    Phat Comp -Beta Draft 2 - Waiting for testers

    Be careful with the 'Joke rules'. I would suggest either allowing them as written or removing them completely. Check out Greasus Goldtooth. EDIT: These are supposedly being phased out as the new rules for the models are released - they only apply to 'legacy' armies. I like the added rules...
  14. Timothias

    AoS Undead Army building (for every need)

    I've been using the Deathrattle Horde Battle Formation as a template. Similar to @Hmmmokaythen's list: Krell Wight King w Infernal Standard Necromancer 1 x Skeleton Archers 2-3 x Skelton Warriors (1 spears, 1 sword & shield) 1 x Grave Guard 1 x Black Knights I have the Kemmler model, but the...