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  • It's time once again to ferret out those murderous vampires in a new VAU - Vampires Amongst Us. A cross between Cluedo and a roleplay, sometimes gory and often hilarious! Find out more and sign-up! here.
  1. Aranei


    Have anyone tried Warcry? Currently there are 3 Death warbands available for this skirmish: Legions of Nagash (Necromancer, skeletons, grave guards), Nighthaunts and Flesh-eaters. You can also hire a Wight King as a mercenary. I have played 2 games and did like it. The scenarios are fast, you...
  2. Aranei

    Age of sigmar

    In fact, Nagash and Arkhan now are much better in an OBR army than in a LoN army. I'm going to build and OBR army around those two and Morghasts (who can now easily heal). The Harvester seems to have good rules, I'm going to buy one at some point. The catapult is my only disappointment. I was...
  3. Aranei

    Age of sigmar

    "The Ossiarch Bonereapers will be invading a Mortal Realm near you soon, and we’ve not even shown you all their incredible new models yet!" Some new models are yet to be seen, it seems.
  4. Aranei

    Age of sigmar

    Well, rhis is not Settra, after all... Breaking News: Sisters, Psykers and Skeletons - Warhammer Community
  5. Aranei

    Legions of Nagash handbook

    Welcome, lords of Shyish! This is a handbook describing Legions of Nagash, and how they play on tabletop in AoS 2ed. The aim of this text is to help new people to sort out all the confusing options - allegiances, units not in the book, etc. I also provided an estimation of each option's...
  6. Aranei

    Legions of Nagash

    Can you provide a link, please? To the KoS warscroll on Warhammer Community, I mean.
  7. Aranei

    Summoning zombies and moving?

    I personally am 50/50 on this too. Maybe you should ask GW on Facebook?
  8. Aranei

    Legions of Nagash

    "What about the Mortal Realms? Worry not, generals – the Open Day also saw some exciting reveals for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. While the Malign Portents remain as mysterious as ever, one thing is certain – something great and terrible is rising in Shyish, and Nagash is behind it. This year...
  9. Aranei

    Total war: Warhammer Vampire Counts trailer released!

    2 interesting facts: 1) Arkhan is one of the 4 legendary lords available for tomb kings. He bro-fists VCs (diplomacy-wise), while other TKs hate the vamps (little surprise here). 2) TK campaign is about collecting all 9 books of Nagash and then winning the battle for the Black Pyramid.
  10. Aranei

    Apects of Nagash

    I am currently reading the "Spear of Shadows" by Reynolds. The story features a vampire character who helps the servants of Grungni (a party of adventurers sent to find an artefact) for her own reasons. There is a dialogue where she tells Volker, a young Ironweld engineer, that gods are not men...
  11. Aranei

    General's Handbook II announced!

    Today they revealed more details about Death Faction in the new GHb. Summary: 1. Updated command traits, artefacts and allegiance abilities. 2. Death factions benefit...
  12. Aranei

    Skirmish lists and tactics

    Recently I took part in an AoS Skirmish Tournament, and won the 2nd place (out of around 10 people)! Our warbands were up to 50 renown. My list was: Wight king with Black Axe (Master of the Black Arts, Merciless Killer, Cursed Book). 1x Vargheist (Varghoyle, actually) 1x Spirit Host 1x Grave...
  13. Aranei

    Skirmish lists and tactics

    But the moment you look at chaos marauders, who cost 1 point too, you realise that zombies should cost like 0,5 pts. I did a batrep in my native language (russian), and 2 more are incoming. Maybe I will re-write them in English at some point.
  14. Aranei

    Skirmish lists and tactics

    Skeletons and ghouls are trash, dire wolves are your choice as 2-renown troops. Zombies are viable only if you want to use them as meatshields, in any other case just take the wolves. All Nighthaunt and Vargheists seem ok. The abily to take Master of the Black Arts makes Banshee good. I play...
  15. Aranei

    New to Soulblight

    Btw, Vargheists hit good, but have poor surviveability. I think that they should fly around in small units - to be able to get cover bonus, to compensate their squishy nature somewhat. From cover, the can suddenly zap with great speed, to charge an enemy scoring an objective or something like...

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