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  1. Count michael

    AoS - 3rd Age of Sigmar pre-3.0 Launch FAQ

    Ok now this is awesome, being able to field the court stuff separately is great These faqs they've done are amazing even my maggotkin got better since can include everything nurgle or clan pestilen
  2. Count michael

    Announcement Casts Invocation on Ultimate Power....

    This is awesome the new graveyards and new edition coming out has finally convinced me to be more active with AOS looking forward to this
  3. Count michael

    Poll: What's Your Favourite Soulblight Gravelord Dynasty?

    I like the Vykros bloodline mainly since it's more of a Lycan themed one with all the wolves
  4. Count michael

    Soulblight Gravelords - preorder Saturday 5/25

    Hope I can a couple boxes of zombies and skeletons happy they are 20 to a box I was fearing they'd only be 10, now to wait and see how horrendous the prices will be for me here in NZ
  5. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Welp we getting a new edition which of course means new sigmarines this time heavy ones hooray not like there's plenty of other armies that deserve new models, should of done free cites as the order army for new edition and actually updated the model range. Also mysterious enemies in the...
  6. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    So looks like they don't really want though fielding the undead characters in AOS much as you can't take any separate like the heroes having to take all for 680pts which really doesn't seem worth it, zombies and skeletons seem unchanged and pretty average but look more like they have to be...
  7. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Another new vampire, lorewise she's from Ulfenwatch as well which is kinda interesting since every new character only seems to be from there, Rat prince dude was as well. Wonder if there is any other new vampire models coming as a vampire knight character would be cool especially to lead some...
  8. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    So from the latest article all the models in the box will have Age of Sigmar rules for Death only a few were shown but the gravekeepers rules look amazing so far Put him near a large block of zombies and he will be hard to kill
  9. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Another awesome looking vampire model "This well-dressed fellow hails from the Vyrgos Dynasty of Soulblight Vampires. As you can probably tell from his fancy attire, Kritza was once counted among the nobility of Ulfenkarn (which you can read about in our first Cursed City crier). Unfortunately...
  10. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Better pics of the new undead stuff from the box I can get over how amazing the detail on every model is, even the zombies are great and so much better thanks the horrible one ones or even the newer poxwalkers this year is going to be amazing for us with undead and I hope the new undead army is...
  11. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Please be plastic Blood dragons please be plastic blood dragons, looks like one at least
  12. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    More previews up of the quest box and damn these guys are amazing Like seriously give me a full bonerattle army like this and I'll be happy, perfect for using in D&D as well since mostly play a necromancer character who summons lots of skeletons Also damn that artwork is amazing
  13. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    So something interesting of note is that quite qlot of rumour engine pics seem tied to this one set
  14. Count michael

    Age of sigmar

    Like a true vampire I have been roused from my eternal slumber ready to once again play AOS with the onset of true vampires returning A vampire warband, a undead vs hunter mini game plus a new undead AOS army that actually will include vampire 2021 seems like it shall be a good year
  15. Count michael

    Game System - Warhammer: The Old World

    Well this is seriously interesting Seems like GW realised maybe killing off the old world like they did probably wasn’t a good idea so are actually planning on bringing it back Old World? New Warhammer!! - Warhammer Community sounds like they are planning on making it like Horus heresy as a...

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