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  1. Danceman

    Explain your profile!

    Danceman started because I, well, went out clubbing a lot back in the day. I embraced it as some macabre figure seducing and drawing his victims, and that was that(back in 2002 I think). Previously, the name I carried on all board was Archon Khiraq D'velve, which was the name I chose for my Dark...
  2. Danceman

    The games thread - No Man's Sky

    I am now! Seems when I am at my most jaded and bitter, not one, but two potentially awesome games are in the works.
  3. Danceman

    The games thread - No Man's Sky

    Finally a game I dare to look forward to. This year as been a year of disappointment(already...), so it is nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Danceman

    drunk experiences

    I recommend going for 100% agave tequila(the shit you order at the club/bar is only required to be 51% to count as tequila). Hangovers will be a thing of the past. Serve in room temp, straight up, in a cognac glass. This stuff is not meant for "tequila shots." If you haven't drunk it before, it...
  5. Danceman

    The Lol Thread

    @spineyrequiem That was pure awesome XD
  6. Danceman

    The games thread - No Man's Sky

    Glad I held out on getting DA:I, as well as DA2. Seems like they kept up the trend of removing everything that made DA:O great. The dumbing down of the interface/progression/party system is obviously something they did to make it playable on console. Won't support a company who deliberately...
  7. Danceman

    RIP WHFB 2015

    I love the fact that something is happening within the game. It has gotten really really old to hear about the new everchosen, because you know nothing will change anyways. We've gone back and forth between herohammer and large units. The latter approach probably backfired on GW. To simply start...
  8. Danceman

    What are you listening to

    A track from the Transistor game.
  9. Danceman

    What are you listening to

    Nicole completely blew me away. Had no idea she could hold such tunes. - "The danceman cometh..."
  10. Danceman

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    The more I see about this game the most excited I get. There's been quite a bit of PC gameplay stuff as well just recently. Tactical view is back(never really enjoyed the real time combat of it). It appears like they've gone back to DA:Origins only gone bigger and better. So yeah, I get the...
  11. Danceman

    dark eldar...... and thoughts on starting a new army.

    If you have too many projects, I'd say either finish them or paint some DE in between. I find it quite nice to, even if I do not intend to go for an entire army right away, to paint something that's very different to what I am currently doing. Eventually it pretty much turns into a project on...
  12. Danceman

    Favourite non-Vampire Counts army

    @Menkeroth The Dark Gods do cover a lot but for, for example, aggression does not automatically mean you end up with Khorne or the pursuit of knowledge does not mean you will fall prey to Tzeentch. Dark Elves, as another example, exert dominance over daemons with their sorcery. Slaanesh...
  13. Danceman

    What 40k army do you play

    A smaller army of Dark Eldar, and a tiny tiny force of CSM. All I have left of my 40k stuff. Mostly build 40k for the looks, and the "new" DE models are beautiful(with more on the way).
  14. Danceman

    Favourite non-Vampire Counts army

    @MasterSpark I might fall under the umbrella of Slaanesh, but I believe Slaanesh is a bit too narrow in scope. Unleashing the beast within, pushing the mind(insanity, etc, etc) is a different kind of pursuit. Slaanesh demand worship, and my fascination is something more base or primal. Think...
  15. Danceman

    Favourite non-Vampire Counts army

    Beastmen. The true children of chaos. Always had an interest in the extreme of thoughts and behavior. Sort of what would happen when things go completely unhinged. Probably why I enjoy creepypastas so much(russian sleep experiment being my favourite), the Strigoi and Necrarch(two different...