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    Age of Sigmar

    this whole thing is bullshit clearly. Wish they'd at least cleared up some rules in 8th edition before amputating it
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    Help me choose between three lists

    I just realized I forgot to put my second vamp lord on a mount :( How do you guys suggest getting one? I could see zombie musician + iron curse icon + beguile? That gives me enough points for the barded nightmare
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    Help me choose between three lists

    So which of the 4 lists now do you guys think is the best? List 1: banner of barrows with champion in the bk unit List 2: extra spirit host, no champion in the bk unit, lichebone pennant List 3: Vampire instead of wight king, only one spirit host List 4: dual vampire lords, but no crypt...
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    Help me choose between three lists

    Mostly orcs and goblins but I want the list to be playable against other armies as well. I also face ogres a lot and sometimes empire or dwarves
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    Help me choose between three lists

    That's fair most metas are 2400pts I think. Anways so I took I'm taking to heart what you guys are saying about the crypt horrors and my bus so here's a fourth list that has 2 vampire lords in the bus and no crypt horrors: ++ Vampire Counts - Army Book (2013-4) -V8.8.1. (Standard) (2500pts) ++...
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    Help me choose between three lists

    This style of list has been working for me that's why they're all more or less the same. Also it's the models I have lol. I find the skeletons with the banner are one of my best units. They march right into my opponents scariest units and hold it up for TURNS. And then if I want to charge some...
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    Help me choose between three lists

    For list 1 I still have 10 points to give a champion to either the black knights or crypt horrors. Which do you guys think? The differences are subtle. List 2 has an extra spirit host, different banner in the bus and no champion in either the crypt horrors or the black knights. The vampire gets...
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    MSU VC ? "Zombies dont Count LOL"

    Hated it at first, now starting to like it. The dual terrorgheists and screaming into combat is viscious. NEVER charge anything good (hexwraiths, vargheists, terrorgheists, vampire) into the same combat with one of those zombies units. With such small numbers in these units and wounds lost to...
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    If it's a magic missile then he can't cast it while in combat. Throw a huge skeleton bus with banner of swiftness at him and let him chew threw that for a few turns
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    ME regeneration marker

    Would be so sweet if that guy was right tho! BTW I envy you and your two MEs!
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    Zombies electing to hold

    Are you saying that your zombies actually won a combat?
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    Nasty skeletons list

    no you have to use the magic weapon all the time unfortunately :( and I'm not sure of a page number because I'm just using a .MOBI file to read the rules but it is the 3rd paragraph in the 'Roll To Hit' section of '1. Fight a Round of Close Combat'
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    Nasty skeletons list

    IMO you will need to exercise COMPLETE battlefield control and protect that unit's flank with your life to win with this list. TO me it seems like too few units, but I guess we have different play styles In the 'Roll to hit' section of the rule book it says that a natural die roll of a 6 is...
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    Another Nightshroud rule quesiton.

    Ya 'bonus' isn't a defined term in the rule book so it has to be applied any weapon with an effect that allows the model to strike at a strength above the one written in his unit entry.
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    2500 VC vs. O&Gs

    guess we played that wrong oops :( and thanks!

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