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  1. Eyeless

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Vampiric Miniature 2018

    I guess i'll be the first entry :) Neferata, Mortarch of Blood
  2. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    @Disciple of Nagash coven throne kit :) will be sure to post pics when ready :)
  3. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    @Disciple of Nagash I'm already working on a neffy conversion with the warsphinx
  4. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    @Mioum yep, narrowed down my options to 2, mounted on a varanguard horse with spirit hosts or mounter on a terrorgheist :) can even use the abissal terror's head on the TG as it looks pretty good!
  5. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    Manticore might work! I thought of using different dragons but i was moving away from the idea as i might use that for a named vlozd. other stuff i had in mind included; a flying chariot driven by a morghast, an elite horse steed overlooking a cliff using the varanguard stuff and adding some...
  6. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    So with the new mortarch of grief round the corner I decided that I want a unique model for each of the existing 3. I'll keep Arkhan as is since he fits the theme the most, and I already have planned a warsphinx conversion for neferata. However i'm out of options on what mounts can be used for...
  7. Eyeless

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Undead Character 2018

    Cheers :) i'm more into playing now, rather than painting and i've stopped updating my plog :( but once my new setup is here i'll take some pics of my army and new models :)
  8. Eyeless

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Undead Character 2018

    Since this is still open, here's my entry, Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds. Apologies for the low quality, but i'm still wating for my new setup to arrive later this month, hopefully next set of pics would be better =]
  9. Eyeless

    New Nighthaunts

    Amazing models! not to mention that we'll be getting the Mortarch of Grief as well! can't be more hyped!
  10. Eyeless

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Open Challenge 2018

    The Corpselauncher. Last minute entry, a Screaming Skull Catapult conversion to fit in with a FEC theme. Due to how the allies system work I don't really have any use for it now, but still an awesome conversion :)
  11. Eyeless

    Legions of Nagash

    Don't forget that once you dismiss the vortex you'll need another 100 pts to summon it again. And if you really need you'll still have nagash to cast it. I'd go with a 2nd necromancer in general, unless you'll be playing against a list with 0 shooting and you know upfront.
  12. Eyeless

    Countdown from 20,000

  13. Eyeless

    Legions of Nagash

    Oh haven't seen that yet, can't wait to have this book, hopefully it arrives a bit early :D
  14. Eyeless

    Age of sigmar

    Anyone saw today's rumor engine? Looks like something for death as it looks very similar to the knight of shrouds robe and chain mail what do you guys think? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/02/06/rumour-engine-6th-february-2018/