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  1. Kassill

    Bernsteins army building log

    Good looking skellies! :skull:
  2. Kassill

    The Laboratory [Necrarch Soulblight]

    Very cool conversions!
  3. Kassill

    Legions of Nagash handbook

    Very good analysis :konrad:
  4. Kassill

    Grave marker things, where are they?

    Thanks, I'm just a properly blind bat :smash:
  5. Kassill

    Soulblight vs Bonesplitterz - 500 points

    Great batrep. It's easy to spot the weakness of such an elite army in this sense as far as objectives go, but as far as extermination... :konrad::suck:
  6. Kassill

    Grave marker things, where are they?

    Dusting off my old Death stuff and watching batreps of LoN and one thing I keep seeing is the "grave" marker things that the Death players place at the beginning. I cannot for the life of me find the rules for this system in LoN book. What page? Is it in the GHB? :grave:
  7. Kassill

    Favourite/Worst Change from WHFB to AoS?

    I never feel fully up to par in the lore category, but from I what I knew the old world was fun but as some have said, kind of samey/expected for a fantasy setting. As for gameplay I argued very hard for rank and flank initially and swore off AoS, but a year or so after I realized I was the only...
  8. Kassill

    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    Yes great summary. And as for that rumor I hope it's true (even if my wallet does not). I have just been painting Dragon Princes as Vamps but even I know that's not "great". I'd love some new "Soulblight" models though. And with talks about reducing their points, maybe they will make a multi...
  9. Kassill

    New Nighthaunt and Stormcast box set: Soul Wars

    Sorry if i should have made a new thread for this but when do preorders go up on US games workshop site? I see it on New Zealand. Also the GW about 2 and a half hours from here has preorder available in store but I don't really fancy driving up today just for that....
  10. Kassill

    New Nighthaunts

    I do really like the model, however in comparison to the rest of the new range, she is my least favorite. But I will save final judgement till I see one in person. Like many GW models, a paint job or presentation of the model can drastically change first impressions.
  11. Kassill

    New Nighthaunts

    2nd part of the Nighthaunt Faction Focus is up https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/05/faction-focus-nighthaunt-part-2/ Fantastic model and looks like he'll be a beast too! :ghost:
  12. Kassill

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    I think it's manageable, they just front loaded a single post to get us hyped. I don't think a lot of that will be necessary for just throwing down friendly pick up games here and there with your pals while still leaving "depth" to explore the more and more you play. I recently played an intro...
  13. Kassill

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    So just to be clear, there is going to a be a core book but still a generals handbook? :cautious: I understood when the "core" was four pages of general "move, shoot, charge" but this is kind of odd.
  14. Kassill

    New Nighthaunt and Stormcast box set: Soul Wars

    So freaking hyped right now! Also a good glimpse at the new Mortarch. Definitely a "bride of Death" vibe going
  15. Kassill

    New Nighthaunts

    First of the three named character reveals! We also can see the silhouettes of the other two! Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King, is one of the named champions who leads Nagash’s Nighthaunt legions. Serving at the side of his master, the Mortarch of Grief, this arch-plotter and schemer is an...