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  1. Master Vampire

    Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

    Ok new one! I kind of feel I knew this, but I can't access my own WH related stories to back this up. I've been out of the WH world too long I feel! :redface: Q: do the Empire's mage college have a particular name? And what is the exact hierarchy and titles in this organizational structure?
  2. Master Vampire

    New Vampire Counts commander

    Welcome to the forums Thurim. :) I've been out of the game as well, but I think there are many people on here able to guide towards a good army setup. The 31st is a quick date for a tournament. Hopefully you can prepare yourself! Maybe read some of the WFO battles in the WFO section? It...
  3. Master Vampire

    CN's Magazine: The Invocation - Who's Interested?

    Hey all, I can join for certain. I'm back on CN, and I have more than an urge to start writing fantasy stories, especially since reading A Song of Ice and Fire (damn you Martin xD ). Heck, it's been four years and things certainly have changed. I used to be rather frightened of the story...
  4. Master Vampire

    Hello All!

    I think the best place for this is the Tactics forum, if you are building an army afresh and need tips for a competitive/original army. However, if you have parts of your army list going, it is also suitable for the Army Lists forum (and ask for tips to fill out the rest). By the way, the WFO...
  5. Master Vampire

    Hello All!

    Hi mr dude and welcome to the forums! The VC are of course the better cousins of the two. You made the right decision. :konrad: You can find some uploaded articles under the 'Article' section in the head bar on top of the site. You'll also find the Invocation there, a webzine of CN. If you...
  6. Master Vampire

    What's going on in your life?

    I'm finishing writing my report of my internship, starting writing a Warhammer-related vamp story and becoming active again on CN primarily on the writing forums. :D Ps. what can you recommend at the spa? I never go, but one must try it at least once, right?
  7. Master Vampire

    The Von Carstein Twins

    Hey Kimsebimse, and welcome to the forums! I enjoyed the read! I feel you have a good skeleton structure right now, but the story may benefit with a few more anecdotes about events during the story. I hope you have some use for my advice. Cheers! MV Very much said in a speech driven way, I...
  8. Master Vampire

    The Bastard Twins

    Except when vampires become so strong they can influence the weather... hehe. This is indeed something I'll delve into in my own story that (hopefully) is upcoming in some time. You can even go so far to include a 'good' hero character that portrays the sun (which of course is food for the...
  9. Master Vampire

    Warhammer vet, newly turned.

    Hi and welcome to the forums! I kind of returned as well (but to this forum) and I read your fluff. I commented on it. I hope it helps you. :) I really liked part one of the story. It really caught my attention, and I want to read more! xD Cheers!
  10. Master Vampire

    Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

    Here's a question for you: Does anyone know where I can find the most complete map of the Warhammer World? This means not only/per se in size but in detail as well. Preferably I'm interested to see cities, ruins, holds, fortresses, mountain passes, mountain tops... Basically any geographical...
  11. Master Vampire

    The Bastard Twins

    Hi Duluoz! Good start. Small point: when you describe both moons as rival/enemy to the sun, you follow up with 'their eternal reign'... as there is a night and day cycle, this feels not completely true, even though the moons are 'physically' always around. Get my point? Cool! You...
  12. Master Vampire

    The Movie Quote Thread

    Many people share the same opinion Grish, as it is Red played by Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. New quote from my own personal favorite movie: "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
  13. Master Vampire

    Hey re-born necromancer

    Hey master of zombies, Welcome to CN! I hope you will enjoy it here. Having a full Necromancer army will be a challenge to play! I do not know of any Forest of Dean, is it in the UK? Cheers, -MV
  14. Master Vampire

    The Chat?

    OT: I'm not planning on becoming active. I've been thinking of painting mini's in some weekends when I'm at my parents, though. But these weekends happen irregularly. I don't think this is necessarily true. As people have been mentioning that they often find an empty chat room, if they wait a...
  15. Master Vampire

    The Chat?

    I think you need a feature showing how many people are actually inside the chat currently. And it has to be shown from the forum index. Or: integrating the chat into the forum index somehow. That'll increase activity and overall usability, IMHO. edit: but to be honest, even at the time when...