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  1. robtion

    Countdown from 20,000

  2. robtion

    The hunting party of Lady Wilhelmina

    They look great. Very wild/savage looking. They would fit nicely into my evil forest theme. You should definitely write some background lore, I do a lot of that in my plog and find it fun but it also gives me ideas for adding extra details when painting miniatures.
  3. robtion

    Legion of Lucinda Vargbain. A Narrative painting log with full NMM approach.

    Nice one. A familiar face. Welcome back. I too am also recently returned from the grave. I look forward to seeing your army return to its former glory! 👍
  4. robtion

    An Evil Forest by the Sea.

    MedMos Hey thanks, feel free to look around ;) Here are some more pics of the wolves, and some background, because why not? Title: “Who’s a good boy”?! Miniature: Broken Wolves (Alternative Crypt Horrors) Most find it hard to believe that these savage beasts were once men. For years they...
  5. robtion

    Freshly Awakened

    Love the nautical theme. It's my bag. Baby ;)
  6. robtion

    The slow spreading of darkness...

    Those wraiths, banshees, and spirit hosts look really great.
  7. robtion

    The rise of a dynasty

    Great start, I look forward to watching your army grow.
  8. robtion

    The hunting party of Lady Wilhelmina

    Wow! That is some professional looking painting. Keep them coming.
  9. robtion

    The Armies of the Soulshard Expanse

    Nice. That is some A-grade green stuffing. Now bring the paint! :)
  10. robtion

    Entry Thread - Turning the World to Darkness: Resurrection

    Can I enter the wolves I just finished? I painted them years ago but just re-based and posed, updated them with extra bits, and partially repainted them (blood, rust, grime, new skin on the ladies, etc). Took me most of the day. Here they are anyway, but feel free to exclude/disregard them if...
  11. robtion

    So, what's everyone working on?

    Just did a re-basing, re-posing, and partial re-painting of some old minis I had. Here is a black and white photo (so your eye's are not insulted by my somewhat shoddy painting).
  12. robtion

    An Evil Forest by the Sea.

    Okay. So it took me a little longer to get to it than anticipated but I rejigged some old minis. Might take some better photos later.
  13. robtion

    Lauka Vai and her little friend

    Gazmoz Not sue what that thing is but I like it. A lot!
  14. robtion

    Hissk's painting log

    Nice! I like your style of painting ethereals 👍
  15. robtion

    Does anyone use Oil Paints

    Yep I have used some and find they can mix well with acrylics especially for clotty blood and so forth.

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