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  1. Sanai

    What's going on in your life?

    In other news, me and my friends drove down to my parents house and retrieved all of my remaining stuff and furniture on Thursday- I now have my desk and a whole closet devoted entirely to hobby set up in the games room and have started painting again!
  2. Sanai

    What's going on in your life?

    Best sportsman is the best award to win in my book @Adam_Barrow! Good work!
  3. Sanai

    I can't be the only one...

    I can't be the only one who wishes that they didn't have to worry about money
  4. Sanai

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Skarsnik that hair looks like it takes effort!
  5. Sanai

    Whats your largest army? And collecting goals?

    My VC are at well over 4000 points.... been wondering if I should just sell them. Don't have the time and energy to play Fantasy anymore. My Skaven I will keep though. I love the little rats.
  6. Sanai

    Gary Morley resculpts Nagash!

    A massive improvement over the evil clown. I prefer the more baroque and skeletal end times version personally, even though at his size and cost and lack of usability make him an expensive display piece.
  7. Sanai

    New space marines!

    $50 for five specialist or elite models (anything that isn't troops basically) has been the standard for a year or more now.... Unless you live here in Australia, in which case in the past five years or so it has gone up from $50 (we were at the $50 Mark already back in 2010) to $70-$75 ish for...
  8. Sanai

    What 40k army do you play

    I don't really play so much as collect due to time constraints right now, but: Alpha Legion, Nurgle Daemons, Guard, Blood Angels, Disciples of Caliban (Dark Angels). Probably going to sell the guard stuff and focus on finishing all of my painting of the other armies this year. After that I...
  9. Sanai

    Need some help with Ork speak

    Looks pretty solid. I would ditch all punctuation that isn't exclamation marks - I don't think orks would bother with commas or colons when writing things down.
  10. Sanai

    I can't be the only one...

    I can't be the only one who often struggles to suppress giggling while reading social media or web comics at work.
  11. Sanai

    drunk experiences

    Mines pretty tame but on Saturday night after my first ever bar crawl it was pelting down with really excessive amounts of rain, which I was really enjoying (because Tequila makes me pretty hyper). So I was jumping in puddles while we were walking to the last bar on our list and I accidentally...
  12. Sanai

    Most useless / stupid thing you've done at work

    I'm a business trainee in a department that struggles to provide me with stuff to do so mostly I just use Facebook/Tumblr or just draw and do origami. Once the boss handed me a printed out spreadsheet and had me manually work out the averages. Why he didn't just email it to me so I could do a...
  13. Sanai

    What's going on in your life?

    To summarise my year thus far; Started traineeship at local council My PC broke, lost access to internet Made new friends Was introduced to the fetish scene Made more friends in the scene Went camping with new friends, bonded with them (skinny dipping is fun!) We formed a pack! Basically like...
  14. Sanai

    Yourself! On a picture...

    :) it is! Thank you!
  15. Sanai

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Me looking gorgeous as all buggery!