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  1. Tawg

    Playing on Steam

    Added, didn't even need to look at the picture you posted to figure out which one. Germany as location was mostly enough xP I don't mind playing games, although I have lately found myself with a bit less time, mostly due to when I switched to opening at work, my schedule was quite different...
  2. Tawg

    What are you listening to

    That cover art on that CD is so over the top. Anyhow! Time to go buy a Moped...
  3. Tawg

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Greenstuffing type issues? I just assembled a good number of Wyrd miniatures, and I have quite a bit of greenstuff work ahead of me right now. About to dig into that currently :ghost:
  4. Tawg

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Quite well indeed. (Sorry that was bothering me a lot!) Also, what are those two little disk on his chest? Covering up some sort of saggy-undead-boob slip? Or an important icon to fit the theme? I don't really recognize the symbol if it is one I might. Looks sort of like little pin-wheels.
  5. Tawg

    Sooo, how about The Visit? (No spoilers)

    Just went and saw it at midnight. Definitely not disappointed. I knew it was a movie by M. Night going into it, but not terribly much else (Except for having seen one preview, which doesn't give away anything). My friend ended up wanting to go quite bad though, so he wrangled me after work to...
  6. Tawg

    Strigoi Incursion of Averland - The Story of Danilo Blagojevic - Updated 8th April 2016

    I love hearing about thoughtful color choices. And it does look better for it I think. Good job, although again, I am not a fan of mantic, but your paint job does them more justice than the model does itself :ghost:
  7. Tawg

    My little Necrofex Colossus

    Those look like child bearing hips. But for real, looks legit. Like, ask Forge World if they want to pay you for their master copy you somehow got before them, I'm sure they'd give you one for free once it's in print.
  8. Tawg

    Age of Sigmar: Forging the Narrative

    I like the sounds of that. Could be interesting, especially I like the immunity. You could even replace the "Battering Ram" idea with simply allowing the attacker to grant a "Sapper" ability to a fixed number of units, who could then do an attack in Hero Phase against wall/towers. Sort of...
  9. Tawg

    Age of sigmar

    Also, I'd just like to mention that the White Dwarf following my post about WDs, in which I stated they didn't present any "interesting scenarios" involving AoS like they do with 40k, had a scenario included. I thought it was a bit funny that the issue immediately following me suggesting they...
  10. Tawg

    Farmer's Rust Experiments

    Yeah, I had feared it wouldn't go as well on a more.. featureless surface. The POP really comes out on his because there are so many crevasse for the lower layers to stay in, and create the richer layering. Flat surface/smaller area seems like it would suffer, especially since his technique...
  11. Tawg

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    I like the idea a bit, although I have a few thoughts: First, if your primary goal is uniqueness or individuality, I definitely think that the bones on the cape look better with the whole "bulking up" shoulder-bone-yard idea. The "bulking out" compliment each other and keep things from...
  12. Tawg

    Jepserios' Plog

    Exalted? Check. Death? Check. Bringin' it? Totally. Looks like this checks out. Lookin' good.
  13. Tawg

    Malikos' VC!

    That is pretty cool. I assume it's not a bother if I use it? Also, it totally looks like he'd already be prepared for the whole realm gate thing.. which, even though he did this far before AoS, this is a great idea for an alternative gate.
  14. Tawg

    Season of the Dead - The Crimson Court

    That's not a bad idea, considering if you just build one box as Sword n' Board you have a full second set of spears to chop for double spears :ghost: But cool guy, I'm curious about that rock looking thing on his base, is it like.. some sort of blood stone? It looks red, but I can't tell if...
  15. Tawg

    Mordheim designer's notes

    Or perhaps such letters would appear more as prisoners mailing their families? But it would be nice, they just aren't nearly as transparent anymore. I don't exactly understand their motivations in doing so (Most people appreciate transparency, so I don't understand all the reasons one would...