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    The Summonings of von Rosentod - Updated 2017-06-03

    Another addition, now more Kings-of-War-y. Three Wights that are to become Barry Whites as I finish the last three of them. (Click the image to get to my blog, with a few more images and the paint recipe.)
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    von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

    On the weekend we fought A Battle to End It All, a multiplayer clash between the Forces of Good (repped by Forces of Nature and Dwarfs) and the Forces of Evil (repped by the Undead and the Twilight Kin). We even got our Resident Dwarf (that's a top selling game title!) to join in. Click the...
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    von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

    Here's the second battle report for the Kings of War session - more 1000 points of Undead and Twilight kin.
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    von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

    I rolled out the Undead the first time against some Forces of Nature (LINK) when getting one of my gaming groups to the game. Well, he was knee deep before already buying himself three hordes of Stone Elementals, a Greater Stone Elemental, a Druid and the Green Lady. A few days later he came...
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    von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

    Hi all, With Kings of War resurrecting my interest for my Undead army I hope to add some fuel to the fire by adding a thread here collecting all my battle reports and related musings. Lets see where this goes! Any pointers are welcome! Links to the forum posts: 2017-09-03 - 1000 points Undead...
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    The Summonings of von Rosentod - Updated 2017-06-03

    It's alive! After a few years of a standstill the undead are again restless. (Thanks to the return to the 6th/7th editions of the game.) Without further ado, here's what happened (clicking the image-link takes you to my blog): The army is actually a solid 1250 points of 6th edition Vampire...
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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Terrain tip: Tree Kit from Woodland Scenics

    Hi all, I want to share with you my first impressions of the Ready Grass Tree Kit by Woodland Scenics, as Warhammer terrain. Best regards, von Rosentod
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    Triumph and Treachery: 1400 pts Vamps-Beasts-DElves

    Hi all, Those interested can find a Pride and Prejudice BatRep between Vamps-Beast-Druchii here. Happy New Year! von Rosentod
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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Biggest threat TO the Vampires

    It's Random Move. Give the model a direction by pivoting and roll the required dice to determine the length of the move. If it comes into contact with an enemy model it's a charge, no response but hold allowed.
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    I can't win against HE or skaven?

    That sounds like two nasty armies you're facing. In my gaming group we play rather hard lists occasionally. Even Teclis sometimes. With a heads up to your opponent so he can prepare and building a soft list around him, he's good but fun to play against (another challenge to beat). As a High...
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    Lineup for new army books

    Um...I am in the minority then. I wish I could keep my Chaos Warriors book all through 8th. The same with my Skaven. Every new book is bringing major nerfs one way or the other to balance the armies. Like everyone only getting 8 magic items. I love the 50+ items Skaven have.:redface: I...
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    60.000pti Undead Armyblog ;-)

    That is one epic army! I will be following closely. :) (Also a good thing to refer to when the missus says I've got enough small dudes already.)
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    switching to orks

    A little (late-ish) reaction to Friendly Dead's comment: I do think shooty orks are viable. My Waaagh!-'Urghnould has gone way shootier with this ed after trying out different styles. But I think this edition gives a nod to combined arms forces, more than before.