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Age of Sigmar "grand alliance of Death" incoming

Oct 22, 2014
I agree with you completely. It's not like the PDF wouldn't be available a dozen other places if GW ever took it down - not that there's any indication that they're doing that. Plenty of tournaments in 7th and 8th editions even allowed that homebrew Chaos Dwarf army book, and IMO were better off for it.
Exactly. If somebody is worried that TK warscrolls will disappear from GW website, a sticky thread with a link to a google drive can be added to their forum (does the South Coast GT have a forum or something?). Anyway, preserving the rules outside the GW site seems to me a much more logical step than banning the army (as long as they remain system-compatible, at least).


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
Those rules are never not going to be on the internet. If players can get online to see the SCGT comp rules, then they can get online to see the tomb king rules.
Apr 21, 2012
By their logic, 75% of the previous units and scrolls are going to be invalid. When they put out an Order book and it doesn't have Bretonnians and half of the Empire range in it, then what? What about when the Elves consolidate down to a single army with much of it's older and redundant stuff gone? There's already a Dwarf Battletome, and it's only got the Fyrekin stuff in it, right? Shouldn't that invalidate the entirety of warscrolls for the original Dwarf range? o.o

I also find it humorously ironic that the community hated it when GW removed models between editions or "squatted" armies, and now it's the community that's insisting armies be left out of the game.


A Knight of Blood
Nov 11, 2013
It's complex and unclear now, GW is always unpredictable, but no, it does not automatically show all will be gone, for GW clearly tends to split armies into sub-factions, so we will have even more of them. But we have to wait.