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Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

Dec 9, 2019
I'm obsessed with your 'High Council of the Radiant Wheel' minis from further up — the Kickstarter ones. What beautiful sculpts and you've really brought them to life with your paint scheme! I'm trying to limit my collection to GW minis — if I start sourcing them elsewhere too I think my wallet will implode — but damn those are tempting!


Black Knight
Dec 29, 2014
@Borgnine Hey! I have been pretty absent nowadays as you may have noticed! :D I'm doing great despite the current events. I am now working on a Dread Elves army, but I try to be more active here at CN from now on!


Vampire Count
True Blood
Dec 10, 2013
@Borgnine Just stopped by to take a look at your recent work and found that all images from after you posted your Nurgle Beast/Rotspawn pre-paint aren’t displaying, which is disappointing as I’d like to catch up with your work.

I’ll check back later, but I fear I might have to finally invest in something that allows me to use the web more freely here...


Staff member
True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
@Theerteen Actually playing the game surely does stimulate some dedication ;)

@robtion Thanks! I'd hate to turn my enjoyable hobby into a profession - I tend to dislike work no matter what it is ;)

@The Brotherhood of Necros many thanks, those are indeed very nice! And no need to limit yourself only to GW, there are too good miniatures elsewhere to limit yourself!

@Sessioni Good to hear that!

@Farmer7574 Hey dude, good to see you! All the pictures are showing on my computer normally - but they tend to disappear for some reason on and off... Still, even if the pictures come back, I'm way too behind schedule to update things here... My blog or my Instagram are much better places to see my work, but I presume, they don't work very well from behind the Firewall of China?


For everyone waiting for some updates - real life happened and my free time got severely limited for the foreseeable future... I keep the blog and the Instagram barely running, but Pinterest and this thread stayed behind - and I don't see myself getting to update in anytime soon, as much as I hate to say it. This thread launched my hobby into new heights, but it seems like this administrator-less site is becoming deader and deader, with no necromancers in sight. Maybe the revival of Warhammer The Old World will bring some air here...


Oct 5, 2017
Amazing conversions and minis, as always. It's stunning. But with all those blood bowl characters, how many team do you have and for how many characters mini ??