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TVC II Chapter 2 - A Distraction

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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Oh you already had it." Nekhlior murmured hugging the book to his chest.

He looked around the room confused by the strange people he didn't recognise in the room.
Also his tower looked odd...

"You damned fool, you weak willed simpleton." sneered a familiar voice from the bottom of the bed.

Nekhlior looked to the bottom of his bed, fear lancing through him, and saw his brother V'azrin standing with a look of disgust.

That was impossible...Lesa had killed him.

"Yes I'm dead...perhaps through some anomaly at my death I was trapped in the spirit realm where only a childe of our father can see...or more likely I'm just another of the many delusions your feeble mind has conjured up." the shade sneered.

He was right...Nekhlior had been seeing false figures and images for centuries now but more frequently since the battle of Nagash accompanied by stronger periods of confusion.

The necrarchs mind stabilised as he recalled everything and for a moment his vision blurred.

After-effects from the wound that Nagash dealt me? Or a side-effect of the strength of Necromancy fading. he wondered, both possible, the damage the attack had done had been severe and Nekhlior's reliance on the Necromantic was great even for the simple task of remaining animated.
But which one was the cause? Both? Neither?

If necromancy fails I will be amongst the first to fall. he told himself

When his vision cleared the shade of his brother was gone.

Nekhlior looked around, his mind whole again, and attempted to stand.

Hissing at his own weakness he finally managed to stand, leaning heavily on his staff.

Nekhlior's gaze landed on the prisoners, the Necrarch rarely fed anymore but he had to regather his strength.

Making his way to the captured human he dropped his staff and without waiting hurled himself at one, a tall well built male, and tore into his throat draining the mortal dry.

Unlike most vampires Nekhlior could not make his bite pleasurable indeed it was extremely painful.

Once finished he grinned dropping the corpse ,his eyes burning with intense dark flames, and turned to a second human, a female this time, he grabbed her pulling her close.
Nekhlior gloried in the fear the human stared at him with.

Swiftly he bit her throat drinking more slowly this time, enjoying the experience.

It never occurred to him that his actions might disgust others.
He was a vampire, why hide his true nature?

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
The girl recoiled from Alastor, his bitterness and words breaking whatever hold he had over her. She stared at him in a strange mixture of anger and fear.

This one was unlike the Great Immortals that ruled her land, his words where false and cruel.

"The Great Lords would never imprison the innocent!" she replied indignantly before she could catch herself.

Fear at what she'd done filled her.

This man might be the same breed as her masters but he instead of their Righteousness and Nobility he was clearly filled with lies and deceit.
He might even kill her, an innocent and devoted follower of the heirs of the Divine Vashanesh.
She whispered a prayer of protection, hoping her God would deem to keep her safe.

The servant stared down, looking away from the vampire, lest he see her fear.

"This ghastly place as you called it is my home." she said quietly "I was born in the town outside of this castle, my life and that of the entire town was hard and filled with horror."

Then suddenly the girl smiled slightly and looked up "But when the honourable Triumvirate claimed control of that which is justly theirs they changed things!" she said passionately "They hunted down monsters and cast out the lying, thieving churches of the Imperials! They defended us from bandits and foreigners who would seize what we have! They give us a purpose and a true faith to believe in!"

She looked away but her smile remained "I originally wished to join The Order of Vashanesh but was rejected however I was lucky enough to be given the duty to serve in the household of the Son of my God."

"In another land I would be a mere maid of a mortal man who had done nothing to deserve being raised above others... but here even as insignificant and lowly as I am I get to serve the greatest and most Divine beings to ever walk amongst us."


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True Blood
Alastor smirked, "Very well, of course they don't"

He turned back from the window to see that she too was trying to avoid eye contact, she seemed as scared of him as he was of her, and her almost disturbingly perceptive insights to himself, albeit surrounded by brainwashed idiocy.. poor thing, she really had been taken advantage of to the point of loosing her own will.. at least Alastor had been able to see the filth around him, she mistook it for the flowers.

When she looked down in embarrassed subduement, mentioning that this castle was her house, Alastor started, he was the cause of that face, those downcast eyes. How would he have reacted if someone had insulted his music? But another part of him laughed. Why does he care about this girl so much? Is it romance? No.. so what? Was that the rekindling of long lost sympathy in his heart? Maybe, she just seemed to be everything Alastor reminisced about, the servitude, the sensitivity..

He was going to take this girl, and make her better than this. He didn't care how many slaves the Carsteins brutally treated, if he can make one, this one, see the truth, understand the world as he does, then he would be happy. Alastor smiled as a purpose to life slowly appeared in his mind. He may even gain some form of a companion on the way, who knows.

But who needs companions? Weak, social people need them! But why the longing, why the emptiness? Is that worth bearing just to be able to call himself free from the reigns of the system he hates, yet his unconscious yearns for?

He looked down, a single tear rolling down his mask. Looked at this poor dejected thing in front of him.

"You probably don't know it yet, neither would you believe it, but I'm going to show you what the world really is like. You won't like it, I don't for one. But it needs to be done, it is the harsh freedom that is bitter yet necessary."

She looked up at him, utterly confused. Alastor looked away, feeling yet more of this damned shame.

"I.. I'm sorry, I can rant on a little, reveal too much with too little explanation. My name is Alastor" he said taking her hand, smiling, for the first time in his life, warmly.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
She stared at Alastor in confusion, part of her wanted to pull away from him but she had seen frailty in him...could the immortals weep?

"The world mi'lord?" she said quietly staring into his eyes "If I don't like it why must it be done? My home is here...I belong here. To leave would be a betrayal to my masters."

She remained silent as he looked away and when he looked back he was surprised to see him smile, so much so that she barely noticed him taking her hand.

She then realised she'd never seen one of the immortals smile in such a...human fashion.
In the rare times she'd seen the Lord Regent smile it had been the smile of a King...composed and dignified. The Lord Imperator had smiled often but in a perhaps mocking fashion.
The Great Captain Dieter and his warriors rarely smiled.
But never warmly.

The girl smiled, albeit much more shyly than the vampire, she was still terrified of this strange immortal but she didn't pull away.

She felt better knowing his name.

"Marie" she replied offering her own..


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True Blood
Alastor felt warm as his eyes flickered around, studying the contours of her face. Marie... elegant name

"And tell me marie, have you ever wondered what it is like to be something like I am? Indeed, it may be betrayal to your masters, but wouldn't they forgive you for finding out more about the outside world, the better to benefit them here?"

His gaze hovered at her neck briefly, but he shook his head slightly, returning to gazing into her eyes.

"Besides, they haven't shown you the beginnings of what humans can feel.. Anything is possible with me. Tell me, what is your greatest wish? Nothing to do with your masters, your most selfish, secret wish."

Part of him was repulsed at this interaction.. but the young half of him cried out in joy, someone, in some form, actually understood Alastor. Maybe not his pain and suffering, but knew him a little for what he was. Although he was hesitant, he could be on the cusp of something big..

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"Like you?" she asked fearfully.

She looked away "I am sure the Gods of the Triumvirate would forgive me if I deserved it...but would I deserve it after such a concious betrayal?"

She shivered slightly, she knew he had been looking at her throat and though she would not deny an immortal such it did scare her.

"I...I don't know, I've never thought about it." she answered honestly.

A wish that did not have anything to do with her Masters? Her Gods?

To have been accepted to the Order of Vashanesh? No that wish had died long ago...she was proud of where she was now?

To be risen to the status of an Immortal?

Yes whispered a voice in her head.

She shook herself mentally, it was true but it was also obvious.
Every follower of the true faith wanted it.

"I don't know." she repeated drawing into herself slightly feeling confused, she didn't like thinking like this.
It wasn't safe.


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True Blood
Alastor grimaced a little inside, thinking out the proverbial box is going to be a long stretch for her. His warm smile remained however.

"Yes, like me. It seems like such a great and glorious thing for you, but to be so separate and alone, it really tears you up"

he placed her hand, which he was still holding, secretly impressed at her ability not to flinch, to his unbeating heart.

"You're never the same person you were when you started, you become something less.. You're reduced to this desire.. to kill and feed.. and people no longer see the person inside anymore. I had the same problem before I died, and now I have it two fold. If there's ever been a meaning to the phrase 'Be careful for what you wish for.', surely it is for me."

Letting her hand go he stared off into space. Why was he telling her all this? Heck, he didn't care. It was just so nice for someone to just.. sit and listen, he felt wanted for the first time ever. Not wanted for his skills or combat ability, but just for himself.

"My mother hung herself you know.. strung herself up with the same whip my father beat her with. She did it the day after my house was burnt down and this." he growled, motioning violently to his face.

"Happened to me. I spent years alone, no-one to care or comfort me, hunted down my everyone. Then a vampire came to my village, running from another of the same. It was cornered and I was trying to protect the last thing that mattered to me on this planet. It turned me and then died, its killer taking me with it."

He turned and looked into her eyes again.

"Is that such a blessing?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
The girl tilted her head slightly, the fear was gone but the confusion remained.

"It is a glorious thing that you have become...but I can see the loneliness it might entail, to lifted beyond humanity. But surely being with the other immortals grants kinship?" she asked.

"You are not less...you seem a whole being to me as for the desire to kill, you yourself mentioned feeding without killing and one can not blame you for your need to feed. It is hardly a fault. You feed on lesser beings such as mortal man whilst mortal man feeds on lesser creatures such as the deer. Is this not simply nature?" she asked, it becoming obvious that she wasn't a simple peasant, she also spoke in a more educated tone than commoners usually do.

As she spoke she nearly raised her hand to his face but his angry motions made her stay still, instead looking directly into Alastor's eyes.

"Then your mother was wrong." she stated simply.

She sounded sad at the fact but there was no pity, one did not pity the Immortals.

She smiled faintly and pushed on his chest slightly

"How can this not be a blessing? You gain power beyond that of a man. Disease and time can not touch you. An element of divinity enters your very soul."

"We Vashaneshites know this. We are taught to venerate holy Vashanesh the Greatest of the Gods and to serve holiest and most Divine children the Triumvirate" she smiled slightly as she spoke of this, trying to convey her love for her faith "We learn that there are many types of Divinity. The others of Vashanesh's blood...those Lords and Ladies who call themselves von Carstein are also Gods though less than our Masters whom they serve as are those who are called 'Blood Dragons' that serve the Triumvirate...they are divine servants of the Gods."

She looked away, staring out the room's window.

"There is also a dark reflection of the Gods...daemonic beings with great Power called Necrarchs who wish only death for all, the beasts Strigoi and the lying deceptive Lahmians. Then there are the fallen Blood Dragons...they are not daemonic exactly but they refuse to follow the true Gods."

Suddenly she laughed.
"I need not tell you this, you are of the Divine aspect in one way or another, you know more of these matters than I."

Suddenly a terrible thought entered her mind and the fear she thought banished rushes back.
"B...but what are you?" she whispered and pulled her hand away "Light...or Dark."

He couldn't be a Strigoi or Necrarch, their ugliness was infamous and the Lahmians where vile seductresses.
A fallen Blood Dragon? That at least was less vile than the other Dark Aspects of the Divine Vampire-kind.

It was possible he was simply a new von Carstein or a loyal Blood Dragon that she had not yet met but he had said "Your Masters" not "Our Masters".


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True Blood
"Sadly, that is not the case. My.. face denied me any sort of kinship with anyone, regardless of my mortality.

We only give the appearance of being civilised, inside we are all beasts to some extent."
he looked down thoughtfully.

"But I guess that is the case for everyone.. it would explain a lot."

Alastor recoiled a little from such a gentle shove, and looked down in almost shock, awe. Marie had no idea what such a simple gesture meant to him. There was a long pause before Alastor summoned the courage to swallow shakily , and continue.

"True.. the materialistic side of life is better, there is no longer suffering of the body.. But perhaps something worse replaces it: suffering of the mind. We live so long that our mind begins to wander, boredom grips us as the centuries roll by, each as un-marked and pointless as the previous one. It truly becomes a nomadic life.."

Alastor's breath caught in his throat. He had been told strigoi.. but he didn't.. feel like any group really. He wasn't one to think that such noble vampires as who he had met were wrong, but he had been lied to on many an occasion by the same people.. Alastor's eyebrows furrowed sadly.

"The truth is, I don't know. I have been told that I am of these.. dark ones that you speak of, yet there is no evidence to support such" how would she put it.. "treasonous possibilities. I haven't asked my sire's killer, I guess such classification, if you would call it that, never occurred to me.."

Or I was just too scared to ask Kraskor..

"If it is any comfort for you, my.. 'lord' is a Blood Dragon, and a good companion of your very own Karl and Simon. I say 'your' only due to the fact I don't know where I stand as of yet. I truly am lost if I ever have been"

Alastor shook his head absently in wonder.. he was learning more about himself.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
She nodded slightly although in truth she understood little of what he said.

"Perhaps my lord, I am but one of the faithful, the higher mysteries of Divinity are not known to me."

"I can only say I have witnessed those I serve, in a decade they have created a Kingdom of Good for my people, they have been Lords both physical and spiritual. I thank Vashanesh every day for that." she told him "I have served The Lord Regent many times personally and he has always been kinder to me than any human aside from my own family." as she said this her hand grazed the medallion around her neck, a piece to fine for a mere peasant to afford.

"Even the quiet and stoic Holy Warriors of the Regent's Guard have been kinder to me than those of my own village growing up."

She shrugged slightly
"I dare not guess the age of the Triumvirate but I think it is needless to say that they have not allowed their existence to become...pointless as you say, although perhaps that comparison with ones so great is unfair but the Warriors that follow the Great Captain Dieter also have purpose and I hear some of them have existed for many hundreds of years. Perhaps this...stagnation of existance you speak of is a choice? You can choose to move forward or to cling to what once was?"

She laughed slightly at her own words and shook her head.

"But what do I know my lord, I am only mortal." she smiled once more then glanced at the door.

"I am honoured to serve you but I really should be getting back to my duties...I could get in trouble."

She thought of the time and realised she should be attending to Ademus, the son of the Lord Regent...although it was easy to dodge his service as his mind was often taken up by great secrets that seemed to distract him from the physical world.

Still...it didn't seem this Immortal Alastor needed her for anything...


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Alastor smiled, "There is only a certain length of time before everything is tried, until only the things you dislike remain. But.. I'll tackle that point when I come to it I guess.."

Alastor paled, she couldn't leave, not after all she had learnt, they had shared!

"W.. Wait!" he stammered seemingly uncharacteristically. Marie turned, slightly confused as to his apparent change of character. He drew her towards him by the hand and she looked up at him, no longer ashamed, almost..

almost friendly.

Perhaps a little too roughly he pulled her towards him and sank his fangs into her neck, closing his eyes before slowly drinking her blood, her warm, succulent blood. She too closed her eyes, her lip parting slightly as her breaths became small, rapid pants. A hand pressed against his chest, trying to push away, it faltered and fell to Alastor's side, clutching onto him. Alastor's eyes opened as he drank, examining her neck closely. It was as frail and unblemished as the rest of her..

He didn't drink much, but it was enough to make her pass out, moaning a little in bliss. Alastor sat next to her on the bed, knees drawn up to his chin in worry. Had he ruined everything? What, who was she going to be when she woke up?

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"W...wait!" Alastor stammered.

Marie frowned as she turned, realising he hadn't fed, that was why he was acting strange.

He is probably going to ask me to fetch a prisoner.

But instead he grabbed her hand and before she knew what was happening she was pulled towards him with unnatural strength.

Pain lanced through her throat, she wanted to scream in fear but found herself incapable of even that simple act. Instead she pushed against him but the vampire was as unyielding as cold stone and she was growing weaker.

Stop! she cried silently, unable to voice her wish.

As swiftly as the pain had come it faded into pleasure.

She gasped, breathing quickly.

Marie realised she was now pulling Alastor closer not pushing him away but soon after the hand slipped away as all her remaining strength left her.

The world fell into darkness and a dreamless sleep took her.
As the Necromancer stumbled back into the room, Kavok raises an eyebrow over his eyes that are starting to water slightly as he tries to open them normally in the currently light. Blinking a few times, Kavok wipes his eyes to clear them.

Seeing Kraskor hit Morturion and take the book forced a small chuckle out of Kavok, before he cringed and held his head with a hand.

When Nekhlior jumped on one of the people in chains and drained him at break-neck speed, Kavok was completely shocked and just stood there staring at the scene. '.. But... I... I fought... But...'

With Nekhlior moving on to another person, and a lady at that, Kavok felt that this was not a room he wanted to be in right then.

Handing the bucket back to the servant Kavok quickly left the room and started to wander along the halls, his eyes narrowing when nearing a light source, and one of his eyes twitching slightly every once in a while. 'I should have expected that... Why did it surprise me... I'm in a castle full of vampires, yet one of them starts sucking blood and I find it unexpected. And what the hell did they give me? I know now that it isn't something I drank by my own will, so what is it they fed me while I was not conscious? It is a terror for my head... I'm glad its better then it was when I had first woken up, but it still hurts. And why do I feel the need to move... How long was I out? If it was soon after the fight, my body should be tired but I feel none of the fatigue. My body aches quite a bit where I got hurt still, but it doesn't feel tired right now.'

Continuing along the halls of the castle, Kavok continues to contemplate his situation. 'Why am I here... What purpose do I serve being here? I get fed strange things in my sleep, and defend monsters... Why have they not killed me already? Am I amusing to these sick corpses?'

Seeing one of the undead sentries standing guard, Kavok cringes and veers off towards a door. Grasping the handle, Kavok winces as his headache has a sudden spike in its intensity. Closing his eyes and putting a hand on his forehead to massage it some, Kavok opens up the door and walks in. 'Oww... I need to lay down... I hope this is a room I can rest in...'

Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
The comic sight of several squealing Skaven sailing through the air was a prelude to the blossoming fireball that resulted from the detonation of notoriously fickle Skaven weaponry. To Kenshiro it was but an orange glow that backlit him as he calmly strode away. The tattered clothes swathing his form revealed a multitude of minor cuts and several large burns, but these injuries did not appear to inhibit Kenshiro in the slightest as he silently gazed around him. The Skaven army was now truly broken now that the Carsteins' army had entered the fray proper.

A sea of Skaven corpses surrounded Kenshiro, many bearing the telltale signs of having been on the receiving end of his Hokuto Kenryuu. Now that the battle was for all intents and purposes over, he began to pick his way through the mortal remains as he seemed to follow the Carsteins' massive airship on its path back to Drakenhof.


Unnerved by Kenshiro's vampiric and yet foreign and totally unknown nature, the anxious servant responded hastily and perfunctorily to his thanks. Kenshiro paid him no mind as the mortal skittered away. He had unfurled a straw mat in one of the side rooms near the main hall where the Council had gathered before the interruption, and kneeled as he held the cup of blood tea he had asked for and received.

Taking a deep draught, Kenshiro could immediately tell the tea contained a larger portion of blood than usual, just like he had requested. He began to murmur a mantra as the vitality began to enter his system. To those who passed by, it would seem no more than soft mumbling. But to those with witchsight, Kenshiro's incantation was a sonorous chant that echoed through the aether itself, causing the Winds of Magic to swirl around him as his form regenerated even more rapidly than might be expected of an elder vampire.
Nimrais barely heard the door open and close while she was drinking and looked up, surprised to see the knight standing there, visibly aching.

"Kavok!" she let out, a bit shocked that he just walked in on her. The sensual, fullfilling side of drinking left her in an instant as she realized he walked in on her. She let go of the female prisoner, who succumbed to the edge of the tub, barely breathing, looking faintly into the distance, her heartbeat slow, and the life slowly ebbing out of her.

Nimrais slided a bit deeper into the tub to try and conceal herself. "What are you doing here?" she asked him, a bit confused and ashamed.
Kavok tilted his head towards the voice as he heard Nimrais say his name. 'Oh, Lady Nimrais is already in this room... I still don't know what to think about her though. She is one of the monsters isn't she? This was so much easier when I just thought of them as normal people I was fighting next to... Well at the very least I should probably thank her for stitching up my wound in battle. Also, what was that watery sound from? Its almost like someone was in large body of water or a tub...'

Opening his eyes slightly and taking a step forward, he started to talk before really registering what he was seeing. "Greetings Lady Nimrais. I was wa-..."

Kavok goes bright red in the face, and his eyes open up a little wider. He tries to stumble backwards, but ends up tripping over his own feet, falling back into the door and forcing it closed behind him. Kavok can't seem to tear his eyes from the ladies in the bath, though his hand is trying to find the doorknob. "S-sorry. I... I didn't me-... I w-wasn't tr-... I didn't realize..."

'Of course this is what I walk into a lady's room to. I hear water and a shocked voice asking me why I'm in here... why could I not have just figured out that she was in the bath. And with another lady as well. Damn this headache... This wouldn't have happened if I didn't have it...'
"Is there something you wanted of me, or did you just wanted to stumble in on me?".

As Kavok stumbled backwards and seemed to remove himself from the situation immediately, Nimrais couldn't help but find it somewhat amusing. Carefully leaning over the edge of the tub to keep her body concealed, she addressed him in a playfull tone, "Oh, I'm sure you didn't mean to stumble into this room. I'm to believe that of all the rooms in the castle you just happened to walk into this one, hmm?"

Smiling faintly, she continued to tease the knight. "And why all the haste to get out of here? Doesn't the sight live up to your expectations? Do you rather want to be somewhere else then in my company?"

The woman prisoner seemed to drag her head to look at Kavok's direction, but it didn't seem like she was noticing anything or vaguely aware of anything at all.
"I... did have something to tell you... b-but that can wait. I honestly did not r-realise that you were in h-here. I just chose a room at random to enter, and for what ever reason I had just thought that the room would be empty..."

Kavok manages to get his hand on the doorknob, though doesn't try to open the door yet.

"And what I sa-... little I saw was beyond my expectations of your beauty... N-not to say I imagine you in s-situations like this." Kavok goes even more red I'm the face.
"Imagining me? In situations like what exactly?" she giggled, raising an eyebrow at the knight.

As Kavok told her that he had something to tell her, she became genuinly itnerested. "You won't have to wait to tell me, I won't mind if you don't."

Suddenly, Nimrais heard only one heartbeat in the room. "Damn," she thought to herself. The prisoner seemed to have died there. Nimrais quickly added "although, maybe it would be a little bit better if I got dressed first." She looked at Kavok with a serious gaze, hoping he wouldn't pay attention to the female that just died beside Nimrais.
"R-right. I... I'll wait outside then."

Kavok shook his head as he tried to clear it of thoughts of the two women in the bath. Opening the door and glancing back a he hurried his way out, Kavok noticed something was odd about the situation.

Out in the halls Kavok saturated to think about the scene he just saw. 'Something seemed off there... What was it... Oww...' Kavok held his head from the pain.

' The women here are so open about their bodies... I walk in and only the initial shock of me entering made Nimrais sound slightly worried that a male just entered the room while they bathed. After that it was almost a jest for her. And the other lady was completely passive about the whole situation. She may as well have trully been a corpse in this castle of the undead for all she seemed to care of the world around her... Almost like a corpse... Wait... no... Nimrais didn't kill her did she? Oww... No... She couldn't have...'

Kavok held his head as he wanted to stop that thought process, and it was really starting to make his head hurt again.
Peter wandered the dark corridors of Drakenhof, looking for Dieter. He had drunk his fill from the neck of one of the Carstein's servants, and he could feel the blood flooding through his Undead body, its rejuvenating life force healing his shattered ribs. It had been a long time since he had fed, in his malaise he often went without blood for months. If he was to rejoin the Council, he would need to feed more often.

Peter heard the clunk of armour ahead, and as he rounded a corner, he saw Dieter.

Nodding a greeting, he said, "Hail brother, I trust you are well rested after our battle?"
As Kavok opened the door a shadowy figure stood before him, carefully manouvring around Kavok as he left. "Well, that was awkward," the shade noted.

"Oh, hello." Nimrais said dryly.

"What do you see in that mortal? Or more importantly, what does he see in you? Don't you think it's odd that a knight of Bretonnia is aiding the undead? I don't know about this guy."

"I like him. He seems genuine. And a lot less serious and brooding than the other folk in here. And.. he reminds me of home."

"A Bretonnian?"

"A living human. You know that." She looked perplexed at her companion.

Nimrais got out of the bath and started to dry herself off. It didn't take her all that long, and she started to rumble through her clothes. She didn't pack all that much, so she decided to wear some blue dyed, tight pants and a white shirt with buttons. She kept searching her bag for something else.

"You only packed one pin, my dear. And as far as I can tell it's somewhere between some rotting bags of fur."

"Oh drats.. well this will have to do then," Nimrais replied as she brushed her hair behind her ears with her hands. Raising her voice to be more audible to those outside the room, she said "Ok Kavok, you can come in now!"

"Already? Are you sure?" The shadowy man lurked over the corpse of the woman. "Certainly, you must have forgotten something else besides packing enough hairpins?"

Nimrais turned around quickly and started to mumble some inantations, as tendrils of magic touched the prisoner and envelloped her she seemed to vanish from view as long as she kept still, which wasn't all that hard for a corpse.

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Dieter smiled slightly as he walked down the halls of Drakenhof.

He always felt good after feeding and the prisoners that where sanctioned for being used for feeding where always of good stock.

Dieter stopped as he was greeted by Peter

"Brother." he replied "I am well, there was little damage that did not repair itself before we returned. How about yourself? Did you find a servant to fetch the feeding stock?"
"Yes, your masters always did have the finest... vintages to dine upon," replied Peter with a grin. He was fast slipping back into the natural back and forth that all soldiers have. He had felt reluctant at first to journey here, back despite himself, Peter was glad to be back in Drakenhof.

"The others have more specialised tastes, so I thought I would leave them to it," he continued. "Where are you headed?"

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
"As long as they don't feed on any of the citizens or I may be forced into my duty as an executioner...such hard work removing heads." Dieter said with a smirk.

Dieter shrugged slightly.
"I have no particular duties to attend to. I was planning on attending the Lord Regent. Do you wish to come along? I promise boredom and likely a lengthy wait until he is ready to see us."
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