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Cockroach Colored Tyranids a Blackadder WIP

Dec 7, 2010
A Thirty Dollar Airbrush:

I love my $30 dollar airbrush. I can't imagine what airbrushes that cost ten times as much can do that this little jewel doesn't?

I just returned from a hiatus in Georgia, picked up where I left off painting the Hierophant legs. It's a shame that the camera doesn't pick up the depth of the paint on the legs.


I can see down three levels of pigment which gives the muscle an extremely lifelike appearance; almost repulsive to see, just what you want on your Tyranid Bio-Titan.


I'm not giving any credit to my painting abilities, I give all the credit to the airbrush. I still can't paint for beans with the other brushes I have.


And the Paasche Talon Still sits in the box virtually untouched...


If you're having trouble getting the results you want with you current airbrush I heartily recommend the Precision PZ-360XS.


Free Shipping.