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LoN: Theme and Direction of the Legion


Aug 29, 2011
I just thought I'd "air" a couple of ideas rumbling around in my (now over-tired) head.

-One of the things I've been thinking of for the legion, is for a special choice, a an Undead/Skeletal elephant regiment (think mournfang sized, instead of Monsters) for a monstrous cavalry unit. If we do go with the ancient/bronze age type army for the skeletal legion itself, then I think this is a pretty decent option. Geographically, Nagahizzar is located in the Old World equivalent of the middle-east, not too far from regions such as the southlands and Ind, both areas where elephants are located and used for war (particularly ind).

Just wanted to air the idea, before I put a lot of effort into working on them etc.
Models are a bit of a stretch, but: http://plasticgeneral.blogspot.no/2012/03/undead-elephants.html

-Another thing I've been thinking of, is the Cult of Nagash.
I imagine most of the humans (and I can't imagine there will be more than 5000 at the most to be honest) in Nagashizzar, will be "Nagashi Acolytes" (Core), but since not that many would have been able to get from the "european" nations to Nagashizzar by themselves, and considering that the name of Nagash is considered a curse even 2500 years after his last appearance, not that many would be that keen on actually seeking Nagashizzar out..
So, I think we need to answer the question of where this "recent" influx of cultist comes from, and we also need some kind of structure to the cult which makes sense, and this is where an idea hit me. Could one of Nagash' Dark Lords (or perhaps the Disciple of Nagash himself) come from Ind, and having corrupted a cult dedicated to the god of death (think Kali...), and brought them to Nagashizzar to serve Nagash (true aspect of "Kali")?? Religious fanatics can be persuaded to believe just about anything if their leader is charismatic enough after all, and it also does make sense in a way. Nagash is the closest one would come to a tangible god of death in the warhammer world after all.
a benefit from this, is that we can make a special choice of death cult assassins (think Nightrunners), who would have been the cult's warriors back in Ind..

I also like the idea that by using Ind this way, we don't have to make up stuff which goes against the official warhammer lore from other army books etc. This does not mean that some followers would not come from the empire and so on, but that these would be in the minority by far...

As I said, just some thoughts..

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
The Skeletal elephant thing sounds good, however that can be discussed during the special choices. It is likely something we need though, otherwise the Legion will be short of monsters which every other army in warhammer has xD

I do actually have a skeletal elephant (I call her Ellie) so would be good to get some rules for her.

As for the cultist, I think you are thinking in too short a span of time. Remember that Nagash came back quite a while ago now, he has been resurrected for hundreds of years. I can see the cult allowing both men and women, and I can also see any children they have being indoctrinated from birth. Long term this works very much in Nagash’s favour, as it creates a society that has only ever known as Nagash as their god, which goes a good way to explaining their fanaticism. Brainwashed, they believe that the followers of the other gods are the evil ones, they have been lied to etc. I am watching Stargate SG1 where they have got to the Ori, and I think we can use a lot of that. I can write more up later?

That said, the Ind idea is a very good one. I don’t think we should use it as the major background of the cult, I much prefer the brainwashed from birth type thing. However it would make sense for Nagash to cast his net our far and wide to regain his power, and certainly having an agent subvert an Ind cult is a good one. We could have it as a major key event in the Legion’s history, maybe flesh it out some more. I think the end result should be that the cult is actually still in Ind, masquerading as the Death Cult, slowly subverting the country, perhaps with the long term goal of attacking cathay etc (the Dragon Emperor has some potent artefacts?). Warriors / tributes are sent back to Nagashizzar however which can have an influence of options for the Legion.