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Necromancer Army List

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Marcus Von Drac

Vampire Thrall
Mar 31, 2009
Yeah I like that.
My only question is about the Vomit attack.

Vomit - One Use Per Game
The ZG vomits a disgusting combination of long rotten flesh, stagnant bile and other unwholesome products on its foe. The ZG nor its foe may attack for that turn unless they have already done so. Calculate CR as normal. In addition, for the remainder of the combat all enemy units hit by this attack suffer a -1 to hit and wound as they slip and struggle in the mess.

Isn't this a little unfair on the giant. If neither side can attack, then the unit will destory the giant through ranks and banner. I would say work out combat res, with the giant already at +3 or something.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
Would that be an auto-win by 3 (isn't that the Yell and Bawl rule also?) as well as the -1 To Hit modifier or just the auto-win? Personally I like the -1 To Hit and a simply +3 Combat Resolution for the Giant to prevent auto-crumbling, but anything works for me.
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