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Shadows of the Undying King Character Creation/OOC Thread


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Such Enthusiasm! :) I certainly wasn't expecting such a turnout (though I really should have, people on a vampires forum wanting to join a vampire roleplay? Perish the thought!)

@The Dread King & @Malochai Characters approved!

I will be making an IC thread today.


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IC thread has been created- now the undead shall gather! (I expect it would take a few days for the various undead creatures to converge as it were, hence the shroud of darkness being created over the ruins)
Player Name: Lord_Mortis

Character Name: Agathe Vogul, The Laughing Undertaker

Type of Undead/Bloodline: Banshee

Description: A disturbing sight, Agathe's mouth is the only visible part of her face, her eye sockets empty like that of a skull's. She has long hair that glows with the same ghostly green colour and brightness as the rest of her and moves as though it's submerged in water. She "stands" at 5'6" tall and is clad in a tattered dress. Her hands are taloned and she uses her ethereal claws to tear into a person's very soul. She laughs incessantly and at seemingly nothing at all, making her presence very eerie on account of her echoey voice and form.

Bio: Agathe's story began at the founding of the Empire. Though even she can't recall her natural life, her unlife began here. Abused and unwittingly sired in a village outside of the new Altdorf, Agathe was reluctant to kill at first, despising the "gift" her assaulter had bestowed on her.
It wasn't long before she ravaged her native village in the night, eventually being caught and killed by those that were once her friends and neighbours. Her body was burned at the stake but her will survived, and although she hated it, she was brought back as a ghostly visage of doom by her attacker. Her first act in her new incorporeal form was to send her vampire "master" into pain and madness with her inhuman screech, then going on to removing life from every last inhabitant of the accursed town she hailed from. Her survival past her disconnection with the vampire astounded her, but she had no qualms about it in the end.

Many years have passed since then and Agathe has remained uncaught and unseen, killing wherever she pleased and striking terror into towns with her haunting laughter. She grew attached to the feeling of taking a person's life, almost as though death and pain was her purpose now.

Motivation: Lust for death

Failing/s: Ethereal, loud & glowing (easily spotted), easily manipulated through magic

Abilities: Ghostly laughter(howl), ethereal, soul reaping

Magic Items (If Any): N/A

Alternate Player: N/A

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Yes, there's still plenty of time to get caught up. And feel free to come down to my workshop if you want something built.