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Unas' battle reports

Jan 1, 2017
ok, this is going to be long, so the Rep will be divided in more than a single post. Here you'll have only the first round!


Drake constellation: reroll 1 to hit. Great!

FEC's turn

My opponent moves: abhorrant, Ghouls, Flayers+courtier block; the abhorrant summons a unit of 3 flayers on the left obj and the barricate has been cast in the middle, without being countered.
His general is kept out of the 25" range of the EotGs

5 points for FEC.


OK, this is going to be Tricky, so i'll anticipate something, in relation to skinks.
The plan is to run with my little friends to take obj points and play my real game on the right.

I would need just to roll a 3 to take the 3 points on the left obj, but i roll a 2, so i decide to go for the central one, and also the other skinks run for it, but also in this case i roll poorly. Both the left and central obj remain in FEC hands.

But now let's see in DETAIL what i did with the rest of the army, back to the hero phase…

OK, i want to eliminate the threat represented by those flayers and their general.

Hero phase:
forego all spells
LoSaT on the "unassembled" EotG. i roll a 5, so i can even move
I roll the engine for the unassembled EotG, now in range of the general for mortal wound, but i get a summon instead. First turn, so rippers and toad!
I roll the second engine, and i get the d6 mortal wounds. only the flayers are in range, so i proceed to inflict 3 MWs.
I use the second LoSaT on the sallies, rolling a 3; i place the sallies at 9" from the flayers.

i move forward the engines and the Slann
I choose to summon 3 handlers; now my 4 sallies shoot at 12", and I'm in full range of the flayers. I'm going to deliver some pain…

the shooting could be good, as with rend-2 the flayers can only count on their 6+ Death save, but is not enough, not by far. We're talking about a 24 wounds unit. i hit at 3+, rerolling 1... of those 4 rolls, two of them are 2, and then only one wounds.

I need to charge with the rippers, but I've kept the command point to reroll the charge (and this is why i did not use that cp to make a 6" run for those lazy skinks…).
Despite the double roll, the rippers don't make the charge, so I've got only the EotG.
I charge and inflict some good damage on those flayers, but at the end 2 survive.

THey fight back…. twice, tnx to that cursed feeding frenzy, and one of my EotG is killed turn one. 10 wounds exactly.

I only take one point.

5-1 for FEC

See you next round…
Jan 1, 2017

We roll for the obj, and the one Worth 3 points is on my right, exactly where i needed it!
and I win the roll! double turn for me!!!


I'm fairly confident i can manage the few remaining enemy's forces on the right.
I forego all 3 spells, so i go to 12 conjuration pts.

The engine roll the d6 MW, i shoot at the ghouls for… 2 damage.
Sallies shoot and kill the general, rippers take care of the flayers, skinks' shooting fails but they take the central obj.

i collect 4 pts

now we're 5-5

FEC's turn

the 3 summoned flayers stay on the left obj.
that dreadful terrorgheist attacks my skinks and, tnx to feeding frenzy, wipes away both my units before i can wary fighter away. Ouch

2 pts for FEC

7-5 for FEC


The 3-pts obj is the one where the terrorgheist is.

I win the roll.


The abhorrant is scary, but i have all i need to deal with it. the beast got 15 wounds (14+1 tnx to the realm of life we're playing in)

I forego all the spells, 9 conj points and i would go to 21. WOULD is the word, because for some fucking reason i forgot i was already at 12, so in my mind i was 12 right now.

I activate the engine. d6 mortal wounds delivered to the terrorgheist. I roll 1.

i move, and at the end of the move i summon 2 sallies (because i was stuck with the stupid idea of 12 conj points). I can shoot tnx to the handlers, so i'm gonna flame the beast with SIX salamanders. I also place the rippers to charge and finish the work.

The first unit of 2 sallies. only 1 pass. d6 wounds… I roll 1. It burns… i roll 1.
The second unit of 4 sallies. Only 1 pass. d6 wounds… I roll 1.
3d6+1d3 and i rolled 4 damages.

With such awful rolls I cannot charge the terrorgheist as i cannot kill it and he would retaliate blasting away the charger unit, then it would be FEC's turn.
So, i must force the terrorgheist to stay there.
The rippers charge and kill the ghouls, taking also the objective.
4 pts for me

9-7 for SERAPHON.

FEC's turn

the terrorgheist heals d3 wounds… 3. he's back to 14.
monstrous vigor is dispelled.
simple and easy, the terrorgheist charges and slays without effort the rippers, taking again the obj

4 pts for FEC

11-9 for FEC


The 3-pts obj goes on the left, easy prey of the flayers.

I win the roll.


My force is still sufficiently powerful to deliver a solid blow, but i also must run for obj points.
I could teleport the 4 sallies: they are too large and i cannot directly control the 3-pts obj, but if i roll a 5-6 i could move and shoot. taking 4 pts and go 14-11
However, the terrorgheist would be alive, and if i don't kill the 3 flayers i would be dead.

the alternative is: go again at full strenght against the terrorgheist. I'll take "only" 2 pts, (14-11 at the end of FEC's turn), but if i kill it in the last turn i will easily score 5 pts, especially if i summon a 10 skink unit to be teleported in the last round.

Both plans are risky, i decide to go for the latter.

I cast arcane bolt on the terrorghieis for 1 wound (i need everything), and summon 10 skinks.
Engine: d6 MWs… i roll 2.
The first unit of 2 sallies. only 1 pass. d6 wounds… I roll 1. Again. It burns… 1.
The second unit of 4 sallies. Only 1 pass. d6 wounds… I roll 2.
3d6+1d3 and i rolled 6 damages. WTF?!?

The beast is down to 8 wounds.
i charge with the engine and i inflict 8 damage (2 of them saved by Death save). Still alive with 2 remaining wounds.

The engine simply evaporates with the double counterattack by the feeding frenzy

Yeah, i score 2 pts and we are 11-11

FEC's turn

the abhorrant moves and charges the 4 sallies. dead.

4 pts for FEC


the 3 pts obj stays near the flayers

FEC win the roll.

THe terrorgheist charges my 2 sallies (slaying them easily), and given that my Slann is in range of the maws, he's attacked too.
3 to hit… to add insult to injury, triple 6. 18 mortal wounds.

Jan 1, 2017
Considerations about the game..

1 - track down everything. Ever. don't trust your mind… to forget a whole friggin' turn of collected conjuration points it's a rookie mistake, and it probably costed me the game.

2 - Mathhammer is important, but you can never be sure when dices are involved.
in 2 turns of concentrate efforts, i rolled 6d6+2d3 damage, and i rolled 10 wounds, leaving my killer standing with 2 wounds.
this breaks any statistic, and was the main cause of my doom.

3 - the new warscrolls are terrifying. The new FEC hero on terrorgheist / dragon cannot simply be faced in malee by anything old.
Jan 1, 2017
A long time has passed since my last BatRep playing Nighthaunts.

doing it, i noticed my spectres are largely unpainted… so my next step will be to paint them.

Anyway, let's go.
2000 pts, against an army that has been recentaly buffed by the new battletome

Nighthaunt vs Nurgle


Knight of Shroud (ruler of the spirit hosts, Dreadbolt ring)
Deathriders battalion:
- 1 Dreadblade harrow
- Black coach
- 2 x 5 Hexwraith
Execution Horde:
- 1 Lord executioner (Pendant of the Fell Wind)
- 3 Spirit Hosts
- 3 Spirit Hosts
- 6 Spirit Hosts

Guardian of Souls (Beacon of Nagashizzar)
20 Chainrasp Horde
1 Cairnwraith

should be clear… i picked 2 battalions to reduce number of drops, plus additional artefact and CP. The pendant will give me good speed, the Deathriders battalion is made to give be good mobility, and the Guardian + Black coach + RoSH by the general will push my raising abilities


Great Unclean One (general. ???)
Lord of Blight
Harbinger of Decay
20 Plaguebearers
20 Plaguebearers
15 Putrid
6 Plague Drones

OK, putrid and drones are big, problematic units, which properly buffed can basically kill everything, and very hard to take down.


Duality of Death.

Urgh… i hate it. There goes my careful planning around a mobile list.
2 obj, only heroes or behemoths can capture them. The longer you stay on an obj, the more points you gain (1 when you take it, 2 if you hold it 2 rounds, and so on). It's basically a race to take the objectives and hold them… luckily, I have less drops, tnx to the double battalion. But men, i really hate to go first...


I place
cairnwraith, 20 chainrasp, Dreadblade harrow and 5 hexwraiths in the underworld.
all the rest of the army forms a big block threatening the right obj, with the Coach and my general left slightly behind.
Nurgle places the army all across the field.
20 plaguebearers + Lord of Blight on my left.
20 plaguebearers , the Great Unclean and the Harbinger in the middle
15 putrid + 6 Drones face my undead.

A gnarlmaw (nurgle tree, proxied in the picture), is placed directly over the left obj.

I choose to go first.
Let's go!
Jan 1, 2017


THe Coach gains 1 level of power.
My Guardian of souls fails to cast Shade Mist.
At that point, it's pretty easy: i run forward with my main block: the outer ring is formed by the hexwraith in the frontline and the 2 units of 3 spirit hosts. At the core, we have the unit of 6 SH , the guardian of souls and the Lord executioner.
I place my Coach within 12" of the Pendant of fell wind.

Now, units from the underworld…. At the end of the move phase, the Cairnwraith pops on the left obj, screened by 20 chainrasp

I take 1+1 pt

NURGLE's turn.

time to test my defenses.

The Drones are buffed as if there was no Tomorrow.
20 plaguebearer go for my chainrasp, ready to charge, supported by the Lord of Blight
The rest of the army pushes toward my strongest side.

Charges + combat.

ON the left, the plaguabearers impact on my chainrasps. i was expecting bad news, but i'm really resilient. 3 chainrasps die, and a couple of Pb too. My line holds, and that's good!

On the right…. the putrids fail their 8" charge, but tnx to my placement, the Drones are able to impact only the hexwraiths and also (with 1 of them) the spirit hosts. A SH is killed and the hexwraiths are wiped away…. but now my SH can pile in, and 2 Drones are killed.
I got some luck with the putrids, but my defensive line was well placed


I win the roll. a double turne by Nurgle could have almost killed me


THe Coach gains 2 levels of power and goes to 3, and I can run and charge.
My Guardian of souls casts Shade Mist on the Coach, my Knight of shrouds uses the command ability.

Now, the move...
The coach is within range of the Pendant, so its move is 17... i use a command point to run 6", for a grand total of 23"!.
I fly over the big melee, and i threaten the flank of the putrid's unit.
On the left, the Dreadblade and the 2nd unit of hexwraiths appear.

the coach impacts one putrid model and the Harbinger
the Dreadblade and the hexwraiths (these ones rerolling the charge with a command point), catch the Lord of blight!.

the coach concentrates on the Harbinger, largely killing it. I don't attack the putrid, 'cause i want to lock them in combat with me.
WIth the pile in i surround the Lord of Blight, reducing him to 1 wound.
with their pile-in, only 3 putrids can attack the coach, with minimal results.
2 Plague Drones are killed

i control the 2 obj for the 2nd consecutive round, so its 2+2, for a total of 6 VPs

NURGLE's turn.
THe Lord of Blight cannot escape (and will die).
THe plaguebearers are unable to break my chainrasps
The putrid are locked in combat with the Coach, and with the pile in only 6 of them will fight…. my move totally blocked the strongest unit of Nurgle!
THe Great Unclean goes in help but, tnx to the Shade Mist, my coach survives with 1 wound!!!


Nurgle wins the roll, and the Great Unclean + the putrid finish the glorious Coach.

...but given that in my round i will score 6 more points and that only the Great Unclean remains to seize the obj, my opponent concedes.


Yeah, i don't like this scenario, but i'm satisfied by the way I've played it. my positioning was excellent, and the move with the coach to block the biggest threat was the move that won me the game.
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Ancient Vampire Lord
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True Blood
May 22, 2010
I enjoyed seeing a Nighthaunt victory, especially against an army of Chaos, given that Chaos has been the bane of my life to beat during the last few editions of Warhammer that I played and Age of Sigmar. Congratulations on your victory and thank you for the report :).
Jan 1, 2017
Glad you liked it @Irisado !

I also find that this kind of BatReps, with pictures, arrows and notations, helps greatly in the understanding of the battle. It takes some time, but from now on i will use this format.