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Oct 5, 2017
I was afraid about its fragility too when i tried to put pieces without glue. Very delicate in some junctions, torso, wings and head super heavy... so i did lot of work about that.

First, as i said, it's not "one part" but four. Or i could never take the whole thing to play somewhere else. Look.


Secondly, i have reinforced the structure. A lot. This is not only glue who keep things stuked together. I did a lot of counter-drill on that model - not sure about the translation of counterdrill.

In red i'll show everywhere there is metal added to the mini. Take another look :

IMG_20181001_171746833-01.jpeg IMG_20181001_171746833-02.jpg

To conclude yes, it's seems fragile and it is. I really think i'll put the wing only for pictures or videos, but to play i'll just use the base and the torso. But with my modifications it's tougher than it looks ;)


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Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
Hm, neat! Nice work! With all that it should indeed hold up nicely!

I never heard about counter-drill, but we usually refer to this practice as 'pinning' - as putting 'pins' inside the joints the make them sturdier :)


Oct 5, 2017
Counter-drill is a translation "word by word" from french. It's pinning so in english. Thanks :thumbsup:


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Aug 20, 2012
Again, really cool minis here. That's a promising army shot, and I really like how your colors come together there! Nice to see the Army growing.


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Jun 15, 2013
Pruszkow, Poland
WOW, now that's a centerpiece! Troops, heroes and a terryfing monster, this is how I envision a warhammer army! Great painting and great basing all over! :)


Oct 5, 2017
Thanks guys.

It's been few months since my last sharing already.
I started to set up lots of things (skeletons, greenskins, naiads, beastmens...) and only a few of them took the way of the brushes.

First my firsts naïads models from mantic. I bought the Neritica batallion when it went out for their Thuul models with some creepy Cthulhu/Davy Jones things. But i was very disappointed to see them in delicate resin instead of plastic or metal... On the other hand, i was surprised to like their naïads minis. They looks like gladiators with bronze and coral armor.

They did not sell raiders in leather armor as showed in this artwork i like from their mini-game (kind of shadespire from mantic) which is a shame, but they are still nice.

Nevermind, i made a test model for this fish-gal and whaaa, it took me so long xD

I had to find another way for my next ones i did in almost half the same time. Process and result could both be better i think, but i'm already fine with what i got since i never did this kind of model / color scheme.

But that's not all i did since my undead wyvern !

On the french forums i set up an Choice of Arms challenge with the new year. I'm not sure it's the same name in english, but here's the idea :
You pick a list of models (ideally not your usual army) and you will have to set up from scratch all this list in the allowed time. If you do right, you got a small force enough to play the targeted game with full painted models & cie.

For myself, i had some beastmens stored since the day gw teased aos (square base box made them cheap) and i waited this kind of event to grab my motivation.
I intend in 6 months to do 20 cloven ones (gors/satyr), 5 centaurs (centigor?) and 10 harpys who will also be my vargheists models with some base trick. Plus three heroes - i'm still seeking a good beastman shaman model though.

So here goes my first models.



Jan 23, 2019
Very nice. You guys are inspiring me to take another gander at my old vc army and tune up some of the lesser paintjobs lol


Oct 5, 2017
Thanks brr-icy

It seems i forgot a bit to update this thread over the months. Shame on me. I guess it's better late than never to share some miniatures love

First, a little gift i got from a co-worker. He boughts a 3d-printer and wished to test its accuracy and asked if i had any model. Well, the same week heroforge (a website who let you design your own mini & buy it, 3d-printed or source file) made some discount... yeah, i soon had a model for him to test.

For those who read my fiction "Fire & Blood" you maybe recognized him. It's Gilnash, my vampire not-so-violent with birds affinity.
I bought the file of this 3d-model and, next day, i got this on my desk :

No need to say i was over-happy to discover my own lovely-character almost at warhammer-size and a bit bigger one (he had times and materials to spare).
The painting had to wait few months since i was a bit (completely in fact) over-booked with painting tournaments & my beastmen choices of arms. But, finally, i found time to color them both.

img_2177.jpg img_2176.jpg

As we can see, details are not as accurate as a pro-molder but, since he gave me them for free, i won't complaint at all. Now i got my dear Gilnash and his howl, sitting next to me at work :redface:

Next, i just said i was overbooked with lots of thing, including some painting contests. Well, i won nothing (the rivalry was far too fierce for me) but still, i had fun to paint some mini who would have wait longer in their box otherwise.

First a wyrmrider naiad knight i shared for the bretonnian french contest "Knight" :

We have pacified the seven Oceans and brought the three kingdoms under one banner for the first time in more than a thousand years.
Now it is the turn of the surface empires to kneel down.

Next, a model i shared for the greenskin french forum contest : "A monster to scare children"

Bursting with flames and wielding weapons capable of tearing our thickest armor like paper, these abominations advanced among the other undeads. What were they ? Where did they come from ? Which sorcery did the necromancer behind these legions of dead bodies used to produce these monsters twice the size of the other undeads ? And in their own lifetime, what forgotten empire of men could have looked down at ogres and forged such armors before being forgotten in the meanders of time ?

Our only certainty was that we would not spend the night. How can we reassure the women and children of the village we were supposed to defend, when we ourselves were terrorized ?


A little thought to Borgnine since, for the armor, i used a part of his "verdigris" tutorial. With more or less efficacy xD
So, soon after the contest, i was motivated and did the two brothers of this guy

Last, before i shared my beastmens news, i want to show you a little priestess. I found her very very badass and thought she was perfect to represent a character of my "mordheim band" which include a far far in the future version of Manesh'k (my vampire warlord on table and in stories). And, discussing with a friend, he agreed she was more than badass. He also told me that he would buy her too and was confident that, since i'm a slow painter, he would took delivery and paint his one before i was done with mine. Sooooo... srew this i painted mine before he had time to order her xD

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Oct 5, 2017
I'll allow myself to double-post here since there where looot of pictures in my previous post aaaand there is still a bit more...

My beastmen choice of arms so. Let's talk about it in the chronological order. You already saw the first satyrs, colored in brown. It was the first unit which i'll call the "Gurghar's gors". This is the unit completed :


Next i started to paint my harpies in the same time i converted some elven riders into centaurs. I found the idea while looking at SouthPawStudio DA page and i knew i had to do my own centaurs. Well, to try at least since i'm not very skilled with convertions & greenstuff. Here, some random pictures of the process :

My cutter :'(
The dark gods asked me to sacrifice bambi...


That was for the crafting part. Now the results :3

img_2112.jpg img_2113.jpg

The banner dipped in elven blood :devil2:

Seeing that, do you agree GW stole my conversion idea for elven-centaur in their next game box ? I shall attack them in justice. I'm sure i could win some cash...
And that's it for the centaurs and harpies. The "Irritable runners" and the "Stygian fury". Furies in english ? Idk...

Next for the second unit of gors i wished to do something darker/pale. Like the other gors on the reverse of the box in fact :


Soooo here we go. I called them "the Night Gors" :


All that was about units. But to lead them we need heroes !
First my minotaur warlord, Khrogor :

IMG_20190522_214802773-01.jpeg IMG_20190522_214824105-01.jpeg
Shame on me i saw the mold line on his arm far too late to correct it...

I never liked GW minotaurs mini. But those from Blizzard, the Taurens from Warcraft, they got my hearth. So i was very happy to found this model on reaper-mini, by far closer to this second design.

Next it's the Satyr hero, Ghurgar :

And finally my shaman i also shared for a painting contest on the bretonnian french forum (another one contest here !! Damn !). The theme was "Magic" soo... i send them Shadow Breath , my shaman :

If you look closely these two satyr characters, they don't have the same color scheme. It's volunteer : i wanted Ghurgar to look like my first gor unit and the Breath like the second one. Compare them both on my next picture ^^

Finally, in the objectives of the Choice of Arms, i requested a table marker. So here's mine, a desecrated loot pile :devil2:
Sooo i completed my Choice of Arms in six months, completing it before the end of June with an advance of 6 days :happy:


Gurghar is an angry and intelligent mutant in addition to being a feared fighter. He managed to rally a whole herd under his claw, carving out a significant territory within the Drakwald. However, Gurghar shows wisdom that could ultimately lead to his downfall. He was content to carry out small-scale raids against the empire of men and to avoid larger strongholds. When his path crossed Khrogor's, he gave up the direction of his herd in order to keep his head. The cloven-one knew how to swallow his pride and bend his back, becoming the Minotaur's lieutenant.



The Sigmar empire has rarely seen a herd led by a Minotaur. However, Khrogor is a notable exception. Renowned as a beast even for a minotaur, no one has succeeded to so far to stop his frenetic onslaught, going from massacre to massacre. But he's not stupid. Advised for years by a shaman with visions, he was guided to the gors of Gurghar whom he ripped from their leader. However, despite his shaman's recommendations, Khrogor persists in confronting and defeating any mutant of the same kind as him, eager not to suffer any rival. Even if it means depriving itself of the strike force of a band of minotaurs.


The Shadow Breath

The real threat of this herd is neither the impetuous minotaur nor the satyr he enslaved. It is the Shadow Breath, lurking in Khrogor's wake. This shaman, whose name no one knows, has enigmatic powers that are incomprehensible to mortals. Murder of charismatic defenders without a trace before the arrival of Khrogor... Unnamed terror intruding into men's thoughts and knotting their entrails while the bellows resound in the undergrowth... Newborns with animal attributes or animals giving birth to offspring with human faces... The supernatural horrors he spreads are legions. But the worst of them is much less visible. During its trances, the Shadow Breath sees the future. So much that Khrogor's herd managed to catch off guard all the men's attempts to stop their ascent. Their most meticulous and decisive plans crumble one after the other between the evil spells of the Breath, allowing its corruption to spread ever further into civilized lands.


The Irritable Runners

Irritable runners are not centaurs in the traditional sense of the word. Unlike the common of their species, the human part of their anatomy is strangely frail. And for good reason : they are not hybrids of men but of elf. Once on the edge of the Laurelorn forest, Asrai retreat nestled between the Grand Duchies of Middenland and Nordland, there was an ancient temple dedicated to the Kurnus deity. This was a place of worship for the elves, but not only : stables had been built nearby to shelter the animals from the bad weather and the horrors of marauding in the dark forest. Finally, within the temple itself - a circle of stones raised in the open - stood one of the last guardian stones hundreds of kilometers away.

On a night when Morrslieb the corrupting moon was low in the sky, a terrible storm broke out. The gusts and bitter rains wreaked havoc throughout the region, ignoring the shelters and sparing no creature mad enough to brave the elements. The temple and stables were literally blown away. At dawn there was not a single elf living nearby. The guardian stone itself, an ancestral monument placed at this precise place by a forgotten civilization in order to contribute to the geomantic network on a global scale, had been affected by the elements. Cracks in the stone oozed a greenish mood, as if the rock regurgitated the fluids that had fallen from the heavens.

Laurelorn's horses and mounts were gone. In their place were raised deformed and unnatural aberrations, with the bodies of horses and the hairless busts of elves. Realizing their appearance, these poor heirs were struck with horror. Not because of their deformity but because of the beauty of their features. And for good reason. Just as the corrupting rain had distorted their bodies, their minds had been defiled and were already embracing their new nature : that of heirs of the forces of ruin. The one of beast men. Shamefully, the mutants hastened to loot the temple they had protected for centuries and covered their faces with the masks they found in the mud : those of the faithful of the hunting gods. The masks of the Kurnous Wild Riders.

The runners are among the last mutants to have joined Khrogor's ranks, savagely trampling on anyone who questions their nature and persistently hating the Elven people.

The Night Gors

The night Gors ironically have pale, even sickly white hair. Obeying only to the Shadow Breath, they were already adulterating the shaman when he presented himself to Khrogor. These satyrs are more fond of nocturnal massacres than any other, where their wizard's power is at its height and where, when they set fire to the homes of the pitiful humans, they can smear their pale skin with ashes. Then the power of their shaman seems to spread among their ranks as they become almost invisible to mortals, blending into the shadows with such skill that it is obviously not only related to their camouflage...

The Gurghar's Gors

When he overthrew the dominant satyr of his herd and consumed his flesh, supplanting his predecessor, Gurghar took over all the mutants he had under his control. Of course, other opportunists were quick to challenge him in order to take advantage of the wounds he suffered in his barbaric duel. But not one of them managed to undo it. Not one until he bowed to Khrogor without even risking facing him. Nevertheless, before the arrival of the Minotaur, Gurghar managed to develop his band successfully. This included the fiercest satyrs with the most prominent horns in the region, a clear sign of the favors of the dark gods. It is these mutants who make up most of Khrogor's herd, no more faithful to the coward who gave way to a Minotaur without even deigning to confront him.


The Stygian Furies

Once haunting the banks of the Demst River in Nordland, the harpies who now follow Khrogor's herd like a fateful shadow had rallied Gurghar's troops shortly after his takeover. Indeed, by destroying one by one the fishing villages along the river, the satyrs quickly destroyed the main target of raids by mutants with female faces. Finding it easier to harass fugitives as the mutants advanced on the ground than to rub up against the better defended garrisons of Hargendorf or Schlaghüel further downstream, they were quick to graft themselves after the hybrids. However, Gurghar never had any control over the fierce winged creatures, not hesitating to strike a beast man and feed on his flesh if his wounds turned out to be too great for him to defend himself. Even the Shadow Breath doesn't seem to have any influence on these creatures. Unless he just ignores them.


The men shall tremble...
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Oct 5, 2017
Thanks Unas

It seems Xenforo does not really like exernal images. Each time i come here i see half my pictures "missing". If i'm courageous i'll replace each one of them, stored on xenforo.

But, for now, let me show you my last progress.

First, my entry on another (again) painting contest on the bretonnian french forum




Damian left his family home a long time ago. So long that, today, he would not be able to say how long.

It was while growing up in his uncle's house that he learned to fight. And he was good. Very good. But unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, no matter his skills, he was not the family child. He was only the elder cousin of the child prodigy. From this younger, weaker, more tender child... But the child of his family. That's why he chose to leave, to prove to the world that HE could shine too.

He left with his best stuff and one of the best steeds in the family. Alone. Wandering the roads in search of consecration. However, a few weeks after his departure, a spear took his mount. The following month he received an arrow in the shoulder at the forest of Chalon. The next one he lost two fingers under the axe of a creature with a human face and a horse's body.

He no longer knows if he's fighting to find the reward he sought so long ago... or just to keep killing the horrors that stand in his way. Anyway, the domain where he grew up no longer exists. He learned that, only few days after his departure, bandits burnt it to ashes. He doesn't even know if his little cousin survived. Nor if he present, would it have made any difference.

Today Damian only has one longsword found on the way, not adapted for riding. This sword, and some pieces of armor, more or less intact. But he continues to do so. Until one day he came across an enemy too strong for him. Or the Lady of the Lake decides that his bloody quest may finally come to an end.

Next, a very simple setting to the table =)





Now some of the last units i did. It's half par of my skeletons from the empire of dust from Mantic (i tought they were nice and would be great on the table) and the first two units of my naiad from the subnautic Neritica's Realm. I still got 20 of them to paint. They are nice but damn, soo redundant to paint...

IMG_20191025_194938272-01.jpeg IMG_20191025_195206456-01.jpeg


  • IMG_20190828_192633343-01.jpeg
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Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
I like your painting style. Nice use of colours and very gritty. Some really cool conversions, that huge armoured dragon is so cool, also like the centaurs :thumbsup:


Vampire Thrall
Aug 23, 2011
Interesting colour scheme. I like the glossy blue patches, really looks like magic is all that is holding this monstrosity together.

Perhaps some moss, skulls, or small rocks around the base of the larger stones would help cover the gaps/joins on the base?
It's great to see that classic Necrarch vampire making an appearance — and with his trusty, staff-bearing thrall, too! (Apologies — I started scrolling up and couldn't stop...)

I'm also loving your use of the Middle-Earth Bats (I think that's what they are?) as Bat Swarms — they fit in really well.

I can't bring myself to start painting my Terrorgheist / Zombie Dragon yet — it's so daunting!


Oct 5, 2017
Perhaps some moss, skulls, or small rocks around the base of the larger stones would help cover the gaps/joins on the base?
Yes and no. In fact the mini is not glued to the base : i can separate it and even remove the wings. I put magnets on the base and the shoulders. It is easier to transport without breaking any part.

Glad you like my main vampire character @"The Brotherhood of Necros". I fell in love the first time i saw it and was really disapointed to see it removed from store few years later. Next this is indeed Middle-Earth bats. I like them a lot, the mini is well sculpted and very dynamic, unlinke the warhammer one i feel rough and static on their translucent pole. Finally you have just to start to paint the model. The rest come on its own ^^

So. I forgot to share my minis from January, so this post will contain two months of painting xD

Let's start with my new generation of ghouls. Since they are younger than the last ones from at least four years, i try to use a slightly different color scheme. But i mostly painted them with dim light and when i put them in my light box i was like "homagad but this green brush is soooooo pushed, damn me !" but whatever, i had no courage to rectify that. The lesson is : do not paint with dim light.


Next, some "bretonnian skellies", nice and simple. I'm particulary happy with the result, even with a minimal color scheme
And more skellies ! Mummy rangers ones !


Now. Something big again. Very big. Too big for the light box.

When the giant arrived at the village of The Bell on Sauldre for the first time, we thought our last hour had come. Endowed with incredible strength and endless appetite, we had no chance of repelling him, humble peasants that we were and still are. But one man stepped forward with open arms as a sign of peace to try to talk to him. We called him a madman. Suicidal. And yet the giant listened. He didn't slaughter us.

The giant had no name, so he was quickly named Gontran. His approximate speech was like a child's and his vocabulary very limited. In addition, he had difficulty learning new words and had no patience. However, he stayed and, as the days passed, learned from us as we learned from him. He was digging up our food supply, but we were alive. And when a horde of greenskins came, eager for plunder, Gontran proved that we were right to fear his wrath. The dukes themselves of the distant city had never protected us like this. Surprisingly, in Gontran's presence, we were safe. For this, working harder in the fields for a better harvest was an acceptable price.


Months passed. Bandits, wild beasts, barbarians... Gontran swept them all away with disconcerting ease. Gradually, we became familiar with him, appreciating his presence and what he brought us. The blacksmith made him a rough armor. The tanner made him a satchel. The wool-lady a hood. We were experiencing a growth never before seen in the village.


So when walking deaths were reported nearby, as usual, we rushed to send Gontran to deal with the threat. We didn't worry about how long his absence would last. Sometimes he would get lost along the way and not return until a few days later. But when we saw his silhouette surrounded by the undead, moving slowly, insecurely and mechanically, his skin peeling off his body, we knew we had sinned in trust. Gontran had fallen upon an evil that he could not defeat alone and could no longer be convinced to spare us. By the time this giant arrived, our last hour had come.



Oct 5, 2017
I should really update this thread more often. But for now, let's share some news.

First with the covid-nurgle-gift, i got plenty of time to paint some demon mini i had for years. Nothing for the great father, but still.

Let's start with U'Zhul, the Skulltaker which was gifted to me by a friend almost ten years ago. I was afraid to fail at give this guy the love it deserves for years, but i'm happy with this result.

Also, since i got a demon character, i bought some dudes to harvest skulls with him, years ago still. And now, my full very small khorne host is complete \o/
When i painted them, i hesitate to do one with dark tatoos like the herald from my Fire and Blood novel. But finally nah. If i have to represent that dude, i'll do it with a hero mini, not a classic bloodletter.


I completed my last ghouls mini and added some crypt horror and characters to them. I'm glad with the result and also, it gives me the possibility to represent one of my forum-roleplay-tournament characters, "the Freiherr Wofgang von Neuer Hoffnung".

wolfgang 1.jpg
wolfgang 2.jpg
wolfgang 3.jpg

I'll do a little digression here, since i want to present you this guy.
Let's translate some stuff.

Wolfgang arrived in Sylvania shortly after the dark events in Mordheim. He presented himself in one of the hamlets of the surviving population of the city of the damned while Vlad was beginning his conquest of the empire. No one really knows who he was before that, but although he too is a vampire, he has no other links with Count von Carstein.

Surprisingly gifted in the economic and military management of a territory, he managed to attract the sympathy of the villagers of his future domain and to repel raids by marauding mutants and greenskins. At least that is what visitors to Neue Hoffnung would think today. The reality differs slightly.

Wolfgang did not arrive alone in the region. He was accompanied by about twenty creatures related to the ghoul race, much more imposing and aggressive. Men generally call these monsters Abominations, but in Sylvania they are called Ghasts. When he proposed his help to the humans, Wolfgang made a deal: on the condition of sharing this domain with his protégés, he would promise to do all that would be in his power to protect his new subjects. Caught between an empire on its knees having abandoned them, a vampire conqueror having nothing to do with their situation and the regular raids of other barbaric and opportunistic species, they had nothing left to lose anyway. Wolfgang had no difficulty in convincing them to accept. And never again has an enemy been able to approach his domain since that day.

The very nature of Wolfgang, whose Ushoran blood runs in his veins, means that he can communicate with but also attract representatives of the degenerate race of ghouls. It was not long before dozens of these creatures swelled the population of Neue Hoffnung, sometimes accompanied by new Abominations. Although the population viewed the arrival of these new citizens in a negative light, they were forced to acknowledge that no incidents broke out between humans and ghouls, with the self-proclaimed Freiheirr holding his subjects with an iron fist.

Nevertheless, a problem with the food supply of this population soon arose. Once the local wild was depleted, the Baron himself undertook multiple campaigns to promote his estate. Using his skills as an orator, he worked over the years to seduce visitors or families from far away to come and settle on his land. Rare are those who have accepted to give a sign of life afterwards. The pact that the Wolfgang made with his subjects does not extend to foreigners who usually end up feeding his servants. And he always has more bellies to feed, as more and more humans under his protection taste the human flesh that their lord and his special knights love.

By organization concern, he even made build an imposing building where are imprisoned his future victims and where lodge the Ghasts of this fateful domain. In this place, villagers and ghouls raise men, women and children as if they were only livestock. Wolfgang is particularly proud of this building and regularly praises its existence when he hunts down new residents. His famous "Orphanage dedicated to children who were victims of war and left behind". To think that this nightmarish place has been able to convince many anonymous people of its generous and devoted nature is one of the Baron's little pleasures.

However, Wolfgang is conscious that his estate is hanging by a thread: if by misfortune the truth were to spread, Neue Hoffnung would soon be wiped off the map as was the city of Mordheim. So he takes care to bring only people whose disappearance would not arouse suspicion: travelers, adventurers, vagrants, families without ties, street vendors, small traders, peasants, servants weary of their previous lords ... lords whose disappearance would attract suspicion on this domain so particular. However, he knows how to persuade them not to go to his lands, which are too unremarkable and unworthy of their notoriety...

Presenting himself at Neue Hoffnung without knowing the true nature of its population amounts to signing his death warrant. Messengers, innkeepers, blacksmiths, servants, simple beggars... all are accomplices in the horrors taking place here. And the FreiHerr always has more and more mouths to feed, whether human or not. It is indeed a place of hope and future. But not for humans who have not been chosen by the master of the place. And this whether or not they have sworn allegiance to him.

wol 1.PNG
very first sketch of the character, based on the marvel "red skull"
Wolfgang is an individual of strong build, dominating most of his interlocutors with a good head. His skin shows discreet signs of disease, accentuated on his face. In addition, his arches are pronounced, his eyes are deep and his nose is stunted, giving him a sinister appearance.

He usually wears a long brown coat that has been eroded over the years. When he is not wearing it, he wears simple dark vests or jackets. Finally, whether indoors or outdoors, he wears a monocle to help him see clearly because of his advanced age. But more than one attentive observer will guess that he doesn't need it and simply appreciates the look that the accessory gives him.

In spite of such an appearance, Wolfgang has a strong charisma and is an excellent speaker. He regularly jokes about his physique to break the ice and relax his audience. However, this jovial behavior hides a calculating and manipulative individual with sometimes violent impulses. Impulses that betray his true nature.

Due to his vampire heritage, Wolfgang is endowed with amazing regenerative powers and extraordinary strength. These faculties are multiplied tenfold when he surrenders to his inner beast. His appearance then evolves through a spectacular transformation. If in its human form it measures more than two meters, metamorphosed, it can easily reach three. The diseased skin of his face stretches over a crushed muzzle to reach the texture of animal leather. Bone growths pierce his skin at the hips, elbows and knees. His fingers and toes have sharp claws. Finally, his eyes, in which one can sometimes distinguish a scarlet glow when he is human, are reduced to two glowing embers under this appearance.

The rare witnesses who have seen the Freiherr under his true nature or bare-chested have been able to discover that he is afflicted with scars that his gifts are unable to make disappear. Deep grooves dug into his back by a whip - probably prior to the day he received the blood kiss - and burn marks spread over his entire torso which, obviously, were not affected by his abilities.

Finally, a quick resume of his adventure at the roleplay player vs player event on the french forum :

Invited to the wedding ceremony of a local count, Lord von Ernst, Wolfgang will perform his usual propaganda act on his estate. He will seduce even the most modest of guests and will be able to participate in a friendly duel event suggested by one of the other guests. Each token inflicted on his defeated opponents became an additional opportunity to get the word out about Neue Hoffnung at low cost.

However, another participant in the person of Rickart von Rotesschloss will discover its true nature and will soon be able to pit most of the other duellists against "the monster". Wolfgang will realize that he has been discovered and will set out to hunt down the intruder without being aware of the extent of the human effort. During this hunt, he will discover by chance that other guests of the Count conceal even more incredible secrets than his own: several guests are not from the present time (the twentieth century) but from much later. Especially the three knights of the Order of the Silver Skull von Friedburg, von Aberthal and Karl Dermann. However, this is an enigma that he will put aside for the time being, as the threat posed by Rickart, as yet not identified with certainty, takes all his attention.

Feeling his situation becoming more and more thorny, the Baron will intimidate a part of his court to join him as soon as possible, even though three days of riding separated Neue Hoffnung from Lassenburg. He will then try to make himself forgotten and take his trouble patiently, knowing that he is being spied on from all sides and trying to confirm the identity of the human vermin who have discovered him. He discouraged von Ernst's bride from visiting Neue Hoffnung: she would have easily understood what was happening to the strangers and her disappearance would have been noticed in the upper echelons of the Empire, drawing attention to the estate which he preferred to do without.

Nevertheless, his detractors will try to force him to discover himself, taking the road of his domain in order to understand its nature, forcing him to reveal himself sooner than he would have expected. He invited himself to their expedition before being cornered and forced to fight a half-day's journey later. After bitter fighting, he was finally defeated by the Grail Knight Silvère de Castagne. Wolfgang owed his salvation only to the providential intervention of his allies arriving from Neue Hoffnung after running day and night for two days.

Without lingering on his wounds, Wolfgang returned to the Lassenburg manor. Should he slaughter the duellists who had left him for dead, at the risk of seeing his protégés wounded or even his estate razed to the ground, or should he let the affront pass? Having the deep conviction that the guests he supposedly came from another era could inform him of the outcome of such a choice, he confronted the two knights von Eberthal and Dermann. The latter admitted to him that he was indeed from four centuries in the future, but he did not know what had become of Neue Hoffnung at that time. No further progress was made, and once again he was chased by the same duellists who had defeated him, so he fled a second time with the help of his servants.

Although he sacrificed the potential future of Neue Hoffnung in order not to risk hurting his dear ghouls and ghasts, Wolfgang nevertheless took the time to demonstrate to the dangerous paladin lady Silvermoon the extent of his influence on his servants. Also, he reminded her that the persecution of which he had been victim during this week was in no way justified with regard to his behavior. Wolfgang, however, did not mention the reason for his coming to Lassenburg, namely to invite new families to come and live with him to satisfy the appetite of his court.

wol 2.PNG
Wolfgang and Rickart von Rotesshloss
wol 3.PNG
Wolfgang with Alain Magnan/von Dermann and Helmut van Orsicvun.
both art were done by an artist who where also in the event (Gromdal on Instagram lilnk to his gallery). He played Rickart von Roteschloss​

A lil stupid thing of roleplayer : a dice prison. It's time to punish this particular dice who always betray you at the worst moment.

dice box 2.jpg dice box 1.jpg

With this, i also came back to my beastmen herd with some minotaur. Unlike the previous beastmens from my Choice of Arms, i sadly did not wrote any little story for them. Maybe another day, who knows.

vaches 1.jpg
And to conclude this never-ending post, let's get back again to an undead mini.

Necrofex are among the most terrible creations of the necromancers. Mixing wood, stone, metal and flesh to give life to imposing abominations. They are golems filled with black magic, visions of nightmares, sometimes serving as mounts for necromancers. The most degenerate of them are even sometimes used as phylactery to the horror, grafted into the heart of their construct which becomes an extension of themselves …

Necrofex are mainly known on tropical coasts, prized by the undead piracy. But when a necromancer finds his ship sunk on the high seas, as a last resort to escape from the void, it happens that a Shipwreck Revenant is born in the abyss of the ocean. Away from the surface, in the darkness and alongside the leviathans of the deep, undead necromancers who do not need to breathe can continue their machinations.

They return to the surface, drunk in revenge, engulfed in creations reminiscent of Necrofex. But born from the depths, composed of the remains of the wreck, corpses swollen by sea water, the booty carried and the rare rocks from the seabed... these monsters often have great difficulty moving out of the water. Nevertheless, in their element, the Shipwreck Revenant prove to be much more mobile than their cousins, and therefore more dangerous for any coastal city and ships that have not gained the safety of deep water. If, by the greatest misfortune, the necromancer is sunk near underwater resources - such as coral, for example - the Revenant will add to his already terrifying faculties a considerable robustness, becoming a force virtually impossible to stop.

In fact, yes it is a Necrofex. But on the french forum there are a special vampire-pirate guy who is really picky about this kind of mini sooo to not start a 3-years debate, i preferred to create my own necrofex-cousin thing ^^


Unas the slayer

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Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
Ok, first of all, your miniatures and conversions are AMAZING. Especially the last one (personal tastes, it's really unique)

But i truly love the bg of Neuer Hoffnung. Brilliant, it truly brings life to the character (pun intended).

Oh, and the dice prison is a touch of class. :thumbsup:


Oct 5, 2017
Hi guys, long time no see. I hope you are all doing well.

Thank Unas, i'm glad you like them. I'm particulary proud of this strigoi character =)

Let's share some new mini and homemade background !

I finally got my titan-forge kickstarter mini and some time to paint them. Here we go, first with some cathay/nippon model



The Nippon Sasoriza clan left the island several generations ago, leaving behind puerile conflicts with other clans. But unlike the customs, the samurai at the head of the Sasoriza clan did not sail towards the rising sun in search of adventure. It is to the Occident that he turned, rebuilding a community in the neighboring empire of Cathay. It was there that they experienced a new rise, offering their services as mercenaries to the lord of the province of Yuanjin, where they settled.

Mainly, their martial skills are employed in two places. Firstly on the shores of the jade river where dark cults regularly emerge, motivated by ancient local folklore. Second on the outskirts of the mines and tunnels of the Yuanjin metropolis, securing the surrounding area while underground security is entrusted to Cathaian soldiers. On more than one occasion, however, Sasoriza fighters were dispatched to the North to reinforce the garrisons of the Great Bastion against the hordes coming from the desolation.

The heir of the clan recently disappeared in a Hobgobline ambush during a trade escort mission along the Silk Road. Despite this, the survivors of the attack did not see him fall with their own eyes. Until his return or confirmation of his death, a veteran named Takei Ken is the steward of the exiled clan.Quickly, Takei was confronted with two unprecedented trials.

IMG_20201201_094021052_HDR-01.jpeg IMG_20201201_094055804_HDR-01.jpeg

The first is that of Onis - native demons of Nippon - who arrived on the continent after being sent by the ancient rival Nippon clans of the Sasoriza. For now, the Cathaian authorities confuse them with a new kind of ogre plunderers, but the samurais are not fooled.

The second is linked to the growing number of peasants found to be suffering from Degenerative Death, an illness that afflicts the population spontaneously and without any apparent direct link. The sick are struck by fever and atrophy, but also madness suggesting macabre traumas. If the origin of this resurgence of the epidemic is not quickly identified, the number of volunteers to join the ranks of Ashigaru spearmens of the Sasorizas could dry up and their services as mercenaries could be compromised.

Next, to stay with titan-forge, some ladies

In the distant New World, at the heart of the Wild Lustria, lies a mysterious nation that has given many phantasms to the citizens of the Old World. Eternal youth, gold and gems in abundance, cure for all ills, fabulous beauty, innocent candidness... this civilization developed around the Amaxon River has caused much ink to flow. The famous Amazonian women are a dream unreachable for the majority of mortals. A world composed only of lightly dressed women, drowning in wealth and always juvenile. It is a utopian paradise that was fatal to many adventurers. Were they able to reach this distant continent, they did not find maidens draped in flowers offering precious gems and servile tenderness. Whether by bow, javelin or blowgun, the Piranha Warriors had no mercy for these greedy invaders, greeting them with a deluge of poisonous missiles. Specialists in ambush and skirmish, veterans of the war against lizardmens and greenskins swarming in the jungle, they are the scouts of this matriarchal world. And for them, men are just one more threat to chase out of their forest.

Now, something a bit different with my minis from momminiatura. All of his models looks like a hero and i had to find some backstory to each of them. Here we go.


Dimuel comes from Remas, a large coastal city built on the ruins of an ancient elven port. Its fishermen are renowned throughout the inland sea. However, maritime and land conflicts are common, pitting Remas against other city-states such as Sartosa, Miragliano or Luccini. Nevertheless, Tobaro is an exception and is a notorious ally of Remas. This one is directed by a triumvirate elected by the "big families".

Dimuel and his twin little sisters come from one of these families. He was forced into exile when his uncle was murdered after a failed "coup attempt". He was in the great merchant city of the North at that time. Although persuaded that it is a conspiracy, his family is threatened as long as it remains in Remas. But to return would now be taking considerable risks. Accepting the help of a man of confidence native of Tobaro, he remained far away while his friend tries to exfiltrate his family from the port city. His stay in the merchant city finally destined to pursue, he offered his services as a swordsman and mercenary, quickly attracting the attention of Dan, captain of the guard…

1.jpeg 2.jpeg

Carlos Ricardo is a native of Fort-Gascogne where his father was master-of-arms. However, he made the choice to leave this country to live in the city of Tobaro with his wife and his only son, to everyone's incomprehension. It is thus in the City of the Sirens that Carlos "di Castelmore" began his reputation, proving to be as formidable with the sword as his father. For a time he served in the Guard of the Depths, but his imposing build was not suitable for fighting in the tunnels. Nor did he had the sea legs needed to fight on the water.

These defects led him one day to participate in the defense of a Tylean city against marauding greenskins. It is there that he met the member of one of the leading families, Dimuel, with whom he made friendship and carried out several journeys on the seas. When the name of his brother-in-arms fell into disgrace, he supported him rather than turn his back upon him. From Marienburg, he used all the connections he had in order to exfiltrate his comrade's family from Remas.

Little point meta concerning Carlos: I proposed to my discord server to name this character and it was the members who gave birth to Carlos Ricardo di Castelmore, a wink assumed to the famous D'Artagnan.


Hraesgnir was part of a band of raiders from the far north. One by one they swept away the pathetic peoples of the South, advancing ever deeper into the unknown and slaughtering in the name of their deities. Until one day, fighting an adversary who was tougher than he thought he was, he lost his life.

Yet when he came back to himself, he was not in the hall of ancient heroes. No procession of virgins or buckets of rotgut was offered to him. He was in the darkness of an underground crypt, locked among other armor-clad dead. Presumably it had been there for centuries. It didn't take Hraesgnir long to reach the surface and discover an environment that had changed little since he was alive. But why was he there rather than among his ancestors ? What forces had kept him here or banished him from the halls of glory? How could he have woken up in this forgotten cairn when he no longer had eyes to see or lungs to breathe ?

Time passed and he stayed in his crypt, lying in what seemed like an eternity, waiting for death to pick him up again. But it did not come. When his patience was exhausted, the ancient warrior emerged with a sword at his hip. If his glory had not been enough during his lifetime to allow him to reach his due, Hraesgnir would conquer it in death. He would strike down and sacrifice to the ancient gods anyone who stood in his way.


Otto is a native of Reikland and, at a very young age, joined the church of Sigmar. With two other novices, he walked in the footsteps of a cult inquisitor, tracking corruption wherever it manifested itself. It was not a very envious adolescence, but it forged the character of the religious, who was regularly confronted with death and the horrors of this profession. In his twenties he was the only apprentice still alive. Two years later, the Repurgator was killed in an ambush in Carroburg while Otto was recovering in a chapel from a bad knee injury.

After this misfortune, gnawed by remorse for having failed in his duty, he renewed his efforts alone. But the archbishops had other plans for Sigmar's soldier. Guided by an unshakeable faith, he carried the name of the Unberrogens into the dens of man-beast or green skin. Never again did he stay away from the fighting, no matter how hard it may have been, building himself a reputation as a tough guy who caught the attention of the captain of the guard at Marienburg. Asking for his help, Dan had him join his special squad, bringing a considerable weight to the skirmishes to come.

And to finish this post, a little rollback on my neritican army. The thuuls. It's their design who first gave me the desire to do this army. They were cool and cthulhisc (does this word exist ? :cautious:) . Ben when i oppened the battaillon, nightmare. They were neither in plastic like the naiad ou metal like the crab or wyrm. They were in some crapy and fragile resin. Just removing the mold line and holder make me break lots of parts. And the prime paint did not stick on it. What a disappointment. But whatever, i took on myself and did as good with them as i could and still wanted, rather than living them to be forget in one drawer.


True nightmares of fishermen, thuuls haunt shallow shores. More than one boat was found empty of its occupant, pulled into the icy depths. Little is known about these creatures who, despite their mutual aversion to land races, sometimes interact with small coastal villages. Always at night and at full moon.

Smaller than an adult male but of comparable strength, they cannot communicate verbally, but are able to project their thoughts into the minds of their interlocutors. This faculty leaves room for a doubt that no one dares to evoke: are they also capable of extracting memories or reading thoughts? No one knows, but their few interlocutors make sure that they always express themselves with sincerity and without lying by omission.

Thuuls do not trade or fight to conquer anything. Or at least, that is what they lead people to believe. Who could guess what strange shenanigans are brewing behind their intelligent glowing eyes ? The only thing we know for sure is that some form of hierarchy exists within the species. When groups are spotted, it is usually gathered around seemingly similar specimens. Except for the bluish and luminescent veins that run through their skin and the remanent traces they leave behind as they move, betraying some complex magic at work.


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Loki Ragnarok

Sep 10, 2021
This is a cool and really fun army you're building. In the best possible way it feels like this is a "I want to use this model and I can make it work" army.

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