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What version of WHFB are you playing?

  • 4th - Ah Herohammer

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Kaptain Von

Vampire Count
True Blood
Feb 26, 2008
United Kingdom
Mostly sixth, with the occasional detour into fifth edition when someone must revisit the Herohammer of their youth. (I was absolute rubbish at fifth, I think I lost six out of seven games, all of them to High Elves... High Magic, kids, it'll beat you to paste and take your lunch money and leave you by the side of the road for dead, every time.)

I've just recently played a sixth edition weekender; one day three round tournament and one day two game narrative day. Sadly, I didn't take Vampire Counts, but they might well be coming out to play for the 2022 season if my Wood Elves don't buck their ideas up in November...


Jan 23, 2019
Hate aos's playstyle. Our group plays 6th exclusively. All the lists, characters, etc from wd included. No other edition was as fleshed out or complete. 5th was great fun too. 7th was just power creep and 8th removed the skill and was just an excuse to buy more models for one army. I'd rather have 16 10,000+ point armies than one 8th one that takes almost as much space lol
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