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Kaptain Von

Vampire Count
True Blood
Feb 26, 2008
United Kingdom
I got a paper cut from a radioactive copy of 'Reaper Man' when I was ten, and it has left me with undead-related superpowers. I decided to harness those powers in order to win at Warhammer by playing Vampire Counts. Alas, it turned out that I'm still rubbish at Warhammer, superpowers or not.


Sep 22, 2011
I grew up playing Magic and DnD and always loved black regenerate decks full of cheap creatures, and playing the evil mage bent on finding superpowered immortality through lichedom. I feel like VC just falls into that basic trend. I mean seriously what's scarier then a bazillion undead shambling towards you and as you kill them more rise to take their place.
Don't get me wrong I'm not a one trick pony, I've played every color and tons of other characters but my heart will always be black and power hungry.


Nov 19, 2009
Alucard said:
What made you decide to purchase that first vampire or undead model? Why did you decide to play vampire counts?

For me, it was an intense love of the Evil Dead movie franchise, especially Army of Darkness. I also love the literary Vampire, modern and historical. I started playing Vampires when it was the undead army. The first models I bought was a five pack of plastic skeletons.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

That is why I started playing VC. ^_^


Grave Guard
Sep 28, 2011
Always been a Vampire/Gothic Horror fan and this army is by far the most appealing of all the Fantasy armies to me. :konrad:

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