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Your Character's Rules


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I envisioned him costing around 125 or so points. Any thoughts?


Nov 2, 2009
Bravo_10 said:
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I envisioned him costing around 125 or so points. Any thoughts?
Lore of Vampires? o_o Listen, I know GW is a blood-sucking creature of the night, but around here, that's a compliment. A compliment reserved for us purely xD

Also, what does the 9th ed. rulebook count as in combat? If this ed. is any indication of size, then 9th ed. should be a legitimate Great Weapon.

And the Corpse Cart needs to be modeled with the corpses of Squats, Fimir, and Chaos Dwarves.
Jul 3, 2010
Heres a Link to a fanon site that you can put them on http://whfantasyfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Fanon_Wiki

Without further adue; here she is:

Name: Amelia Jonson 345 pts
Moniker: Queen of vengeance, Princess of blades, Enemy of our enemy (high and wood elves)
Alias': Isabella Jacobus, Elaine Arkhan


7(9) 7 4 5 4 3 7 4 10 3+ 4+

Wizard: Amelia Is a level 2 wizard and knows spells from the lore of the vampires Along with 2 extra spells, The blood scream and mental projection (see below)

Weapons and equipment:
Blood Drinker,
Heavy armour,
Shield of blades (see below),
Repeater crossbow

Special rules:
Visions of tortures (See below)
Unholy reflexes (see below)
Hatred (dark elves)

Unholy Reflexes: Amelia's reflexes are unparalleled by any of the living creature, from the witch elves of The Basilisk to the Slannsehi princes of the chaos wastes and have even beaten several vampires as well. To represent her uncanny ability to dart out of harms way she has a 4+ ward save.

Visions of Tortures: Amelia has suffered countless tortures at the hands of the dark elves and the magical backlash has caused her to have flashbacks of her tortures and of the horrors she witnessed. Amelia has the stupidity special rule.

The Blood Scream: While on her first raid on the basilisk, Amelia suffered from a backlash of magical energy, causing nearby enemies to explode in a big fountain of gore. The Blood Scream is a magic shooting attack that casts on 12+ (or 18+ for the more powerful version). If successful, place a small round template (or large if you are casting the 18+ version) so that it is centred on her head. All models touched by the template (excluding Amelia herself and anything with the undead rule) suffer D6 S5 hits. This attack can be used in close combat.

Mental Projection: Amelia has perfected her ability to summon undead to the point she has been able to project her thoughts, skill and even to a point see through the eyes of undead. Mental Projection is a nudgement spell that casts on 15+. If successful, one unit/creature/independent character with the undead rule within 18'' of Amelia may use either her Weapon Skill, Attacks, leadership or use one of Amelia's psychic powers (including Blood Scream) until the following players turn, however after the power has worn off the model/s suffers a wound with no saves of any kind allowed.

Shield of Blades: Amelia was given this shield by Genevieve and has saved her in many situations, as well as felling mighty beasts and warlords with a timely slash of the razor sharp edge. The shield of blades is an enchanted shield which grants Amelia an additional attack.

All of the fluff from her can be read here http://whfantasyfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Amelia_Jonson
Nov 13, 2010
i dont know if any of you have seen the anime hellsing but i got inspired by the character rip van winkle from the series and i wanted to create her in the warhammer fantasy universe so heres my take on her.

Catharine “Rip” Van Winkle, the Huntress

Rip van Winkle is a youthful-looking vampire, despite the fact that she is over 90 years old; she is quite a tall woman, with freckles on her cheeks and glasses. Rip has long black hair goes about to her knees. Rip is a vampire of two faces. She often presents herself as cheerful and upbeat, with pleasant words for her fellows. She speaks in a very elevated manner, frequently using complex diction. However, in an instant she can convert to her true nature: a cold-blooded, vicious killer. Like most vampires, she revels in bloodshed and destruction and enjoys taunting her enemies with her superior skills and intellect. Her only true loyalty is to Neferata, and she views those who have betrayed her dark queen with the utmost contempt.
Prior to her becoming a vampire some 70 years ago , Catharine Van winkle , was not only the daughter of Otto van Winkle a noble from stirland but she was one of the finest sharp shooters in the empire . it is unknown how or why she became a vampire , all that is known is that five days after her transformation , her father Otto was murdered, repeatedly shot by his family heirloom , Obersturm the same weapon Rip uses to day. Some say that Otto was a man who bartered with coin he did not possess and that he sold his daughter to cover some of his debts.
What happened after that is a mystery .Catharine Van winkle ceased to exist, instead she became known as the huntress Rip van winkle
Rip is also called upon to hunt down her own kind, those who have been disloyal to her dark Queen or the foolish vampires who refuse to join Neferata Queen of all vampires. She is feared as much among vampires as she is amongst the lands of the living. And has no problem slaying her fellow vampires often quoting
“tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor my bullet punishes all Vith out distinction”
before she kills her terrified victim

Rip Van Winkle, the Huntress -180pts
M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
6 5 5 5 4 2 6 2 7

Magic- Rip is a level 1 wizard and knows spells from the lore of vampires

Obersturm- Rip van winkle uses a long-barrelled flintlock musket called Obersturm that fires magic bullets that never miss their target.
Obersturm is a musket with the following stats: range 36” str4
all shots automaticallay hit there targets and cause armour piercing -1 additional rip can pick out enemy characters in units including war machine crew and riders on creatures

Special Rules
“aud again, aud again, aud AGAIN!”- Rip can cause these magic bullets to change their trajectories in mid-flight and repeatedly pepper a target or hit several targets consecutively , before expiring.
After rip has successfully fires at her target roll a D6+1 to determine how many others are then hit, they must be in the same unit. If she targets a character she my chose to allocate all hits on him then roll a D3+1 to determine how my times he is hit.

Nothing is eternal – Rip understands all too easily that the hunter can become the hunted and lives in constant fear of her ultimate death .which is why she tries never to engage the enemy in close quarters
in close combat All enemy units cause Rip fear in addition she my never be the army general

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
I might've posted before.... oh well. No harm in having another go.

The Invincible (Count Darvaleth can take many forms. The profile shown here represents the Count when he has taken on the guise of the Invincible. Note the Count cannot change his form during the game, as it takes hours of meditation.)

Count Darvaleth the Invincible takes up one Lord choice.

M - 6
WS - 5
BS - 0
S - 5
T - 5
W - 3
I - 5
A - 4
Ld - 10

Hand Weapon

Special Rules
Vampire, Fear, Undead, Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Vampires)

Count Darvaleth is virtually impossible to kill. He has the following special abilities (which cannot be negated, regardless of circumstances)

- Ethereal
- 2+ Ward Save - this save may be re-rolled, if failed.
- Dimensional Shift: At any time the player wishes, the Count may be removed from the table. He is not dead, and so if he is the army general, he still counts as "alive" for crumbling purposes. Once the Count has been removed, he may be replaced anywhere on the table in the next player turn. He may not charge that turn, nor be placed into impassable terrain or into combat. He may only use this ability once per player turn. In addition, any wounds he has lost are regenerated on a 4+. (Bringing him back up to 3 Wounds). If the Count is killed, then this rule is used immediately. If the 4+ save is failed, however, the Count is whisked away into another dimension, and counts as dead.

Infamous Resilience
Count Darvaleth's invulnerability has not gone unnoticed. Tales of his survival have spread around the world, and champions everywhere dream of being the one to finally take the Count's head. All enemy heroes and lords can call Darvaleth out to a duel and he must accept, regardless of circumstances; however, as they scramble to get at the Count, the enemy characters take D6 S3 hits as they leave themselves open to attack.

--------------------------------------------------- Perhaps 380pts?

I guess I went crazy. I didn't want him to be too powerful, but wanted him to be un-killable. He'd be a good general in huge points games, where you can't afford to have your army crumbling; he'd never die, and could simply slip into another dimension if it gets too much.


The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
Count Darvaleth: I like what you've done as a concept but I think the execution needs some work.
1. The regen power. Activated at will, every time you have a chance of getting back to fill wounds. The closests frame of reference we have is the Carstein ring. Doesn't come cheap and is a one shot deal. The power isn't. I am not exaggrating when I say this power should cost three times as much as the ring.
2. The re-rollable ward. Another rule which effectively makes this guy impossible to hill just by virtue of his save, indeed, the ethereal ability drives this home further. That's 25pts less than the carstein ring for the ethereal power alone. A 4++ save costs nearly as much and isn't re-rollable. To bounce the ward down to 2++ and adding the re-roll, these should land around 250+ points.
3. He's still a vampire lord, albeit with less initiative and WS.
4. The synergy is too good.

In short, this guys special rules alone makes him 500 points. In total I'd say 700-725(since we can't charge the full cost). The kicker though is that this isn't a disadvantage. This is VP denial in its purest form. He simply will not die and your army won't crumble. I wouldn't play this character in a casual game because it doesn't have any inherant weakness at all. A perfect tank of which would become a true monster when combined with magic support(mainly thinking about lore of beasts). Even the most powerful individuals in the warhammer universe can be killed and have a weakness or more. 2++ re-rollable, only be able to be touched by magic sources, teleport and heal. It is just too much.

Here's some ideas;
Dimensional Shift: At the start of your turn you may elect to teleport. Remove the model from play and in your the next turn place him anywhere on the battlefield but atleast 1" away from impassable terrain or enemy units. When placed roll a D6.
1-3: No wound in regenerated.
4-5: 1 wound.
6 : Full wounds.
note: This can never take him above starting wounds. If on full wounds, only a roll of 1 puts him in a drained state.

In addition if you roll a 1 or 6 he will enter a drained state, due to something has gone wrong or physical exhaustion he cannot move at all but may cast spells. Any hits on him in this state with hit and wound automatically. This is to represent that he is there in mind but has yet to link himself properly to the physical realm. If killed, he returns on a 4+ but only with a single wound and CANNOT attempt to teleport again. (Let's face it, if you opponent manage to kill him once, that should count for something).

Drop the re-roll on the ward. 2++ and ethereal, combined with T5 is extremely tough at it is... Nevermind that you can heal him through magic. This means he is extremely tough but there is a chance of something going wrong. Also, the teleportation itself got toned down as it currently is too easy to just teleport away. It still be a real hassle to get to him but he won't have god-like powers.

I am not demanding you change anything. I just think playing him would be extremely frustrating. Not the best trait of a custom character who's probably not going to see the use outside casual games. Not even giving your opponent a chance to kill it isn't cool.