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  1. desfer

    Golden Bat 2014 Voting Thread: Open - Converting - Master

    Nippon Ogre Maneater WIP Pictures Removed
  2. desfer

    New Chat!

    Hey hey!! Long time no see :D For some reason every time i log in CN it shows that i am online in the chat-room. The chat loves me!! Maybe some configuration i need to change?! Anyway, i'll send you a message next time i see you online :D
  3. desfer

    Painting with one eye - New start: Ogre Kingdoms

    Thanx Lynks! Unfortunately, I won't paint them, someone else will. I'll try get some photos when they're done. I have 6 more ironguts to convert and then the fun begins, Maneaters with scout and poison!
  4. desfer

    Painting with one eye - New start: Ogre Kingdoms

    Hey guys! Haven't posted for a looooooooong time. I'm really busy these days so i don't have much time to paint or convert:( In my free time i am working on a Nippon Ogres army that i'm converting for a friend. So here are some photos from the Ironguts. Hope you like them.
  5. desfer

    Lynks (VC) vs Desfer (OK) 2500pts

    Hey mate, unfortunately i don't have much free time to continue playing :( I rarely post in CN these days. Do you want to lock it and start another one some time in the future?
  6. desfer

    Chaos warriors Book in November?

    yeah, that's what i thought when i saw the video. We just have to wait 5 more days i guess :rolleyes:
  7. desfer

    The SMOG Plog 1888.

    These models are scary :scared: Too bad they are a bit big and can't be used as banshees :rolleyes: You've done a great job on them. I'd like to know more about this game. Does it come with the miniatures, or you have to buy them extra? Looks very interesting!
  8. desfer

    Santa's Workshop : NSFW Kharn

    RE: Santa's Epic Plog Of DOOM NSFW Night lord tower Wow! :O can we get a closer look on this one Santa? It looks fantastic!
  9. desfer

    My first post With CV

    Try photobucket. Just make an account, upload your photos and then copy-paste the links in here ;)
  10. desfer

    vrykolakes and lycanthropes ( Vargeist)

    RE: the Krinas Dark Army (new vampire lord and wolfen archer) I like the wolfen archer, armor looks great. Not sure about the vamp lord conversion. Head seems to be a bit big for that body. Paintjob is good as usual ;)
  11. desfer

    My first post With CV

    something seems to be wrong with the photo link, re-post plz

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