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  1. ElectricPaladin

    Another Necrotic Neophyte Here

    Welcome! What kind of Undead army are you going for? I get the impresision of "vampires," based on your comment, but what else can you say? And also, what rules set are you planning to play? Age of Sigmar? 9th Age? Legacy? Kings of War?
  2. ElectricPaladin

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Like it says on the tin - who's your favorite Mortarch and why? Tactical, aesthetic, and narrative factors are all welcome in this conversation. And yes... I'm interested to read your opinions so I can form my own. But I'm also interested in reading your opinions for the hell of it.
  3. ElectricPaladin

    ElectricPaladin's Grim Workings

    I know, right? You always think you've gotten the mold lines taken care of, and then... bam! There they are. I'll definitely slow down and try to take care of them as I go with future models.
  4. ElectricPaladin

    Today my Varghulf Ate...

    About a dozen plaguebearers One great unclean one (okay, some ghouls helped, but the varghulf closed the deal) Several bits and pieces of a daemon prince (the game ended before he could finish the Nurgley bastard off). How about yours? Let's make this thread a litany of the noble courtier's...
  5. ElectricPaladin

    ElectricPaladin's Grim Workings

    Yep, the Slann is mine. Lizardmen were my first love, but the undead were so much more fun to play that I can be truly said to favor them. And I agree... I was really sloppy with the wash on a lot of these guys. Some of the grey splotchiness is intentional - in the sense that the paint scheme...
  6. ElectricPaladin

    Crypt Horror Unit Size

    Well, I've never played a game that big, so I'm not sure I can help you...
  7. ElectricPaladin

    Crypt Horror Unit Size

    I've had minimum squads do work. I suppose it depends on the size of the game and what you're up against.
  8. ElectricPaladin

    Rampant Speculation: Nighthaunts/Malignants

    Well, yes. But I also want people to let me play it!
  9. ElectricPaladin

    Rampant Speculation: Nighthaunts/Malignants

    Well, I've since been convinced that it's incredibly OP as I wrote it... but yeah. A floating skull with some misty glow effects. That said, I bet GW would do an awesome job of a demilich if they decided to.
  10. ElectricPaladin

    ElectricPaladin's Grim Workings

    I've got some finished Crypt Horrors, my first finished Flesh Eaters and among my first finished Undead (I've also finished a banshee and a cairn wraith, but they hardly count).
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    Rampant Speculation: Nighthaunts/Malignants

    Check it out! I got bored and made a Malignant Wizard Hero...
  12. ElectricPaladin

    Thoughts about pitched battles (matched play)

    For Flesh Eaters, this is the utility of ghouls, ghast courtiers, and varghulf courtiers. The ghast courtier keeps the ghouls alive as they move up the field, the varghulf courtier gets into position to continue to keep them alive once they get on the objective, and the ghouls themselves just...
  13. ElectricPaladin

    Warscroll Desiger

    Dude! This is so much fun...