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    Massive Orc and Goblin army

    I have well over 4000 points worth of orcs and goblins for sale with 8th book and magic cards! feel free to E-mail me at Hutobega@gmail.com for any inquiries and I can throw up some pictures later today when I get home. I'm really trying to find a new home for these guys and sadly I just don't...
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    Help with a 1500 point list - Need to teach this kid a lesson!

    I mean this is a very aggressive list and we all know skaven ain't the highest leadership so if you find something on it's own the terrorgheist will ANNIHILATE IT! lol But I'm not sure how I feel about just 20 ghouls. I don't have any but i feel that 40 skeletons and or 50 zombies would last a...
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    Sessioni's project eternal: Skeletons, first batch

    SWEET BANNER! why do i not think of putting skulls up like that UGH people are so smart. lol Yeah Vargy sounds good. I got lucky and the underside looks good since it's sort of hidden anyways hehe I guess i cheated my vargy model :( maybe someday I'll go back and green stuff over the ribs and...
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    Sessioni's project eternal: Skeletons, first batch

    I went simple with my vargy in fast.. the bone looking area on the underside.. I basically ignored it and painted it black/gray and whatever to keep him looking dark. more beastly then dead like.
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    Sessioni's project eternal: Skeletons, first batch

    Can't wait to see the color when it's done.
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    Rough Draft Buckeye Battles List

    Looks like a solid list. a decent amount of chafe and redirectors. I'm not sure how well 4 Crypt horrors does but I can't imagine too badly. My one thing is why the crypt ghouls only 16? that could be a lot more skeleton warriors or zombies and would save you points I think? 16 ghouls are kinda...
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    Help building a 1500 point list

    You know I kind of hate myself but we just talked about it him and I...and you're right it can not be used to get into combat anymore... I was thinking older rules...well that sucks.
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    Help building a 1500 point list

    In case anyone is interested. I went with Level4 Necro- lore of vamp, tali of preservation, book of arkhan wraith wraith 40 Skeletons-Full command- Banner of swiftness (which I didn't even use haha) 40 Zombies-STD MUS 38 Grave Guard- Great weapons - banner of the barrows Varghulf Small but...
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    Help building a 1500 point list

    Funny thing is i usually stray away from vampires 0_o I don't know why hehe. If i did go vampire I'd just go blender version I guess. I could try it out but with a vampire being close to 500 points in this small of game I feel like i wouldn't have enough troops to back him up :( I definitely...
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    Help building a 1500 point list

    I am at work and would like some ideas for 1500 list i will be playing tomorrow As for models I have Vampire White king 2 necromancers 50 zombies 120 skeletons 10 hex wraiths 3 spirit swarms Mortis engine black coach varghulf 39 Grave Guard 2 Banshee 5 wraiths Anyone wanna give me an idea what...
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    Army of Gal'ruhn Pass (undead legion)

    Personally I like the new skeletons :( and the zombies are funny and comical!! but I understand if you want serious scary zombies instead heh. The coach is a little out dated but I used bretonian war horses in the front instead and by just doing that made it look a lot beefier.
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    Ulrik Von Lichenstien's Horde

    Everyone is making their own casket of souls and I think I really want one! haha I love your ghouls they are colorful and pop from the rest of the army :) I do my spirits basically the same way its; effective and looks cool. My only concern is you "spirit hosts" I mean one on each base is kinda...
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    My first painting log!

    Grave Guard Command!
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    Suggestions for BSB banner(custom wight king)

    That's a hell of a banner mate haha I looked up online Skull drawings and found some that i might try to trace onto my army standard but other than that Not sure what else you could try.